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IfA Salary Survey
I could not possibly comment.

I can also thank you for noticing. It's a balancing act, but at the heart of it. Trust is what counts.

And for whatever reason. BAJR seems to have trust, even with those that I can disagree with. Smile

One can hope

thanks for that comment though...
I'm really not trying to be a creep here, but the secret of your success (from your advertisers through those looking for jobs to people just wanting to express an opinion) is actually encapsulated in that line just above the daft smiley face!
and every comment on the forum is from the self selected - thats all
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Quote:and every comment on the forum is from the self selected - thats all
sounds like open democracy to me Smile
and so is the ifa
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Absolutely... I think people see the IfA as a closed group. BUT supporting council members does give people a voice... so I do hope field staff supported the Diggers Forum members. hint hint!
P Prentice Wrote:and so is the ifa

BAJR doesn't involve signing-over your bank-account (or if you do at least you get a trowel or a natty photo-board or the like)
more benefits to come as well. proper - puckka stuff... I will buy your love Smile
Aha! My pension scheme is safe then :face-approve:
P Prentice Wrote:without wishing to defame or inpugn bajr in any way shape or form, i would, on this monday afternoon, just like to say that this makes no sense - unless it was written by a robot/slave etc, or perhaps somebody who lives entirely independently of the democratic process and has never studied hisstory or any related discipline - and thats the joy of an internet forum

Ahh well at least even though I obviously do not have a grasp of the English Language and cannot express myself in a way that suites PP at least BAJR gives me a voiceWink

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