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IfA Salary Survey - BAJR - 7th September 2012

Thanks xxxxxxxxx for pointing this out. Smile

I must have missed it, when it did not come into my inbox...

IfA minimum salaries and recommended starting salaries

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Each year IfA Council decides whether to increase the minimum salary and recommended starting salary rates for PIfA, AIfA and MIfA grade membership and, if so, by how much.

A working group has been tasked with providing Council with clear and consistent data to inform its decision when it meets in November to decide on the rates for 2013-14.

In addition to gathering salary data from comparator industries, the working party will be gathering information on current rates of pay from IfA Registered Organisations and consulting with IfA members and Special Interest Groups.

To have your say and help inform the process, we would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire which can be accessed here

Click here to take survey
The results of the survey will be collated and a report prepared for Council, however individual responses will be treated in confidence and organisations will not be identified.

BAJR Comment 1) For over 5 years now, the Grades system has become a standard and adopted in general.

BAJR Comment 2) Rather than the broad and unknowable what job makes a PiFA etc why not simplify. you are either a member or not. ( with a student/other grade as well)

BAJR Comment 3) WE already had a vast discussion about comparator industries and a working party about pay and conditions. indeed I even sat on the panel. and the original assessment from way back as the out come... then economy collapsed and it was all shelved... (though BAJR raised rates every year) SO WE HAVE ALREADY DONE IT>>> we don't need to do it again. it will be the same as before... !!!!!!!

I do think finding out what companies are actually paying will be interesting... as I know that some companies only advertise the jobs that will get past BAJR and hide the poorer paid jobs.

What will the IfA do to those that it finds are paying sub their rates? :face-huh:

That said. I do advise you to fill it in. it is anon... but you will have to say what company you work for,. the more they get the more they will see

If the working party want to approach me for my advert information, then feel free.

IfA Salary Survey - Dinosaur - 7th September 2012

Why are they gathering info on rates of pay only from RAOs? Too timid, convinced they've finished world domination or trying to hide something? Not like they represent the whole of British archaeology, even the commercial bit... :face-stir:

IfA Salary Survey - monty - 7th September 2012

All RAOs should pay the IfA rates..................... or lose their RAO status ........

IfA Salary Survey - kevin wooldridge - 8th September 2012

monty Wrote:All RAOs should pay the IfA rates..................... or lose their RAO status ........

Confusion reigns at the IfA.... there is the 'recommended starting salary'

PIfA level competence/responsibility ?18,700 - ?20,100
AIfA level competence/responsibility ?25,800 - ?29,000
MIfA level competence/responsibility ?31,800 - ?37,000

...and then there is the IfA 'Salary minima'

PIfA level - ?15,836.80
AIfA level - ?18,445.77
MIfA level - ?23,884.60

I suggested in my reply to the question 'How much should salaries be raised by?' that the lower 'minima' should be raised to equal the higher 'recommendation'......which equals for at least one grade an increase of over 30%.....Yeah right. Like that's going to happen!!

IfA Salary Survey - Wax - 8th September 2012

But as we all know companies will pay the lowest rate they can get away with, until there is a skills shortage. Unless as others have pointed out companies that do not pay IFA rates are striped of RAO status. Dream on

IfA Salary Survey - BAJR - 8th September 2012

Should indeed the IfA be involved in setting pay?

It has been suggested and (perhaps) tried before that the companies (FAME) should negotiate with the Unions. (UNITE and PROSPECT)

However, for quite a number of years now. BAJR has just done it. raising rates, and using a system of mutual discussion to hold the line. A Pay system that is refined enough to meet the requirements. ( almost like I thought it out properly) and generally accepted --- Lots of work at my end, but worth it.

The IfA membership grades don't fit well into a pay scale system.

I dearly wish and would be more than happy to have support from the IfA on the BAJR grades.. BUT I fear there is a worry that this would somehow lessen the IfA --- far from it. it would be a real step towards formalising the fair pay and need for some BIG staged rises. Be brave. If you are on teh council... ask this...

Why not adopt the BAJR Grade system? :face-kiss:

pps... as Kevin says...

Big rises...

ah haaa...ha ha ha

Here is a comment from the Diggers Forum: 2009

Quote: Pay levels are appalling, particularly within the Field sector. The IfA Benchmarking Salaries Report ( 2009 ) identified an increase of 13-53% required to bring archaeological pay in line with comparable professions. Diggers' Forum strongly supports unionisation within commercial archaeology, but at present union representation is limited and fragmentary. We acknowledge that tackling the pay issue within the competitive-tendering system is a complex, difficult and challenging prospect for commercial units. However, we see little or no evidence of the necessary commitment and motivation needed to achieve the percentage increases outlined in the Salaries Report.

plus la change! :face-approve:

IfA Salary Survey - BAJR - 8th September 2012

For the discussion back then..


from August 2008...
IFA Minimum Salaries: a consultation
Quote:As you may be aware, the IFA has recently undertaken a project to compare archaeological salaries with those in other sectors. The Benchmarking Archaeological Salaries project used job evaluation techniques to compare archaeological salaries with salaries in other industries. The results showed a shortfall of between 13% and 53% across current IFA minimum salaries when compared with a range of comparator posts. In other words, an increase of 13% would bring IFA minimum salaries up to a level comparable with the lowest paid comparator. The final report on the project can be seen on the IFA website............

IfA Salary Survey - monty - 8th September 2012

The present skills and staff shortage may just help force a rate increase.......:0

IfA Salary Survey - sadie - 8th September 2012

Thanks David for putting this up. And yes, here we go again folks-the annual trauma over minima.

Should the IfA be responsible for setting salary minima? Probably not, other professional institutes don't but they are not faced with the same problems we have. And for the moment there is no other option, if, one day Prospect and FAME can undertake collective bargaining then the IfA can step aside but that is not on the cards yet and in my opinion, that will take a while yet...There are plenty of people within the IfA who are keen to drop the problem, which given the annual trauma is understandable to be honest. But as I say, currently there is no other way.

The low salaries are reducing the status of archaeology, another huge philosophical issue the IfA have to grapple with.

Benchmarking- yes, it has been done and was updated last year when the minima were raised by 5.2. However it was decided that given the recession other comparators may not have had rises either, and the difference (13-53) may have changed. You may disagree and think we should stick to what was agreed all those years ago. The DF do. We are on the current Working Party and will be arguing the case again.

Fill out the survey and help back up our argument. Or don't, it's up to you!

IfA Salary Survey - Unitof1 - 8th September 2012

Disappointed that you still bother with the ifa hosty. If it wasn't for curator subs and the public service they would collapse.

This particular farce yet again refuses to define a field archaeologist but likes to pretend that there is such a thing just like your grades do as well hosty(sorry)

So iffy say this
Quote:PIfA level competence/responsibility ?18,700 - ?20,100
AIfA level competence/responsibility ?25,800 - ?29,000
MIfA level competence/responsibility ?31,800 - ?37,000

...and then there is the IfA 'Salary minima'

PIfA level - ?15,836.80
AIfA level - ?18,445.77
MIfA level - ?23,884.60

Making out that Piaf and aifa are some kind of archaeologist when they advertise Piaf as a student and aifa as somebody who has got too much time on their hands

Quote:Affiliate membership is open to you if you have an interest in the historic environment but are not in a position to join at a corporate grade. You can join as a Student member if you?re enrolled upon a relevant university*course.

In fact they get going on about Student membership that I was beginning to think that Pifa did not exist anymore and am presuming that Piaf is student (not that ify will discriminate between any educational standard).

Just why somebody is interested in the historic environment should be on any minimum wage is beyond me (must be some public service scam)

And then there's the use of not in a position to join at a "corporate grade". Is there different levels of Mifa! And which seems to be another term which they don't really seem to like and instead go on about "corporate grade"

Quote:Corporate membership is open to anybody working within the historic environment, whether employed or*voluntarily.

Ho sorry corporate can mean voluntary. Must be that public sector definition of voluntary where you actually get paid 37 thousand pounds. I got all this rubbish from

Does anybody know where. Or if ify publish their accounts anywhere.