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IfA Salary minima 2012
The IfA have announced an increase in the pay minima from April 2012:
New salary minima(in effect from April 2012)

From 1 April 2011, with 5.2% increase PIfA AIfA MIfA New minimum salary recommendations ?15,836.80 ?18,445.77 ?23,884.60 No employer pension contributions (+6%) +?950.21pa +?1106.74pa +?1433.07paa Per additional hour over and above 37.5 hpw +?422.31pa +?491.88pa +?636.92pa No sick leave allowance (based on min. 1 month full pay) +?1319.73pa +?1537.14pa +?1990.38pa
Good news indeed.

This now brings it up to BAJR levels. though this is the big question... As companies (that advertise on BAJR) already have to pay higher levels, then companies are already paying the (for example) higher rate

IfA PIFA minima - ?15,054 From 2012 ?15,836.80

BAJR minima G2 ?15704

for me to match the IfA minima it would need a 0.84% rise.

Should I match this (ie, bring BAJR and Ifa Minima back into synch) or should we look at the situation in January.

I had considered another 2% rise... which would bring the minima rate just over the magic number of ?16,000pa or ?308 per week.

All in all I congratulate this rise... and would welcome comment on BAJR Rates as well.
Hi David,
I think its a very good result given the economic situation. It also hopefully underlines the commitment to a 13% rise over 5 years to get the minima up to the level of the recommended starting salaries. The DF worked very hard to provide the evidence and arguments to support an increase, I hope people feel it was worth it.
I think it also shows why getting DF onto the Council has mattered. and of course all those that voted for this.
What's the linkage with IFA membership grade about? Why don't they just say what jobs they mean? I've probably qualified for MIFA for 20 years (in the unlikely event I ever wanted to join), does that mean I shouldn't have been doing digging jobs on diggers wages all this time?
The grade goes with 'level of responsibility' of the post. Diggers can 'enjoy' diggers' wages whether they are MIfAs or PIfAs.
Well its a start, to be honest its more than I was expecting bearing in mind the general state of everything. However as theres been a 2 year freeze, and relatively high inflation, this still doesn't really get us back even to the 2008 starting point, let alone the 13% above inflation rise over 5 years. Too early too judge really, if they keep up the 5%+ rises for the next 3-4 years then perhaps I might start to regard the IFA as doing something useful.

and bajr - if you've been getting adverts etc while having your rates higher than ifa then why stop now? 2% increase on your rates across the board isnt excessive is it, and gives the ifa some encouragement/something to aim for. After all the rationale behind their 5% rise seems to be 'oh people get that anyway' - in other words they're just playing catch up rather than driving through any meaningful rise.
Well done BAJR and DF...but when will these rates become reality ?????
Mine already are Smile
Thats great but the IfA minima ?..... I don't know of many units paying that sort of money !?

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