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One Minima to Rule them All
Imagine a system which is simple. One minima...

no complicated arguments about what a person is expected to do and how that maps to a BAJR G3/4 or what the F###k a AIfA is expected to be able to do...

This protects the base level. and so the most number of people. However, it allows competition to expand to get the best people...

Imagine a map that shows the going rate for Diggers Supervisors and Managers. in regions of the UK, based on an average of the previous 6 months ... Do you see where this is going.?

It also puts the ball in the hands of the employee. While giving the contractors some credit, that they actually do want committed people in post.

This is the way I will be taking BAJR in the next year. A positive, and supportive role. with the same G2 minima protected as ever. But if companies want staff... it is time to bid for them... at all levels
I've heard from several companies recently that they can't get diggers for love nor money, well, they confess they could for the right money.....

Question - will the new map be purely based on advertised wages? or will it take into account other perks, such as paid over time (not time-in-lieu), driver pay, extra holiday days etc. Also, obviously London wages are always higher because of the cost of living, thus won't it give a false impression that London based companies are better payers ?
Won't work till the clients are prepared to cough up, and that won't work till the curators step up enforcement. In the meantime they're continuing to fail to implement agreed methodologies, hiding behind 'preservation in situ' (ha! ha! ha!) and haggling over every posthole, the consultants are going along with it and the county mounties are nowhere in sight :-(

...and my emoticons still don't work :-( :-( - u done summit fancy to the website again or have I missed installing an update to something?
i dont see how you will be able to differenciate between newbies and old lags - apparently they are worth differing amounts?
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
:I No emotions... Smile You are right... but that is for the industry to deal with --- not me...

The big change is teh compare the companies system... with a full list of perks and benefits to steer away from the blunt instrument of pay.

I think old lags are worth more. but that is up to them and the companies to decide how.

and yes I have tarted this place up
Dinosaur Wrote:..and my emoticons still don't work :-( :-( - u done summit fancy to the website again or have I missed installing an update to something?

This working now? :face-huh:
Yay! Big Grin :face-approve:

Had to resort to old tech
It would certainly simplify job adverts.....I guess old lags wouldn't be any worse off than they are at the moment. They ought to possess the nous to ask for more (by definition 'old lags' get to be old lags by knowing where the bodies are buried!!)......and one would imagine supervisor jobs would still be advertised at a higher rate than that pitched at raw diggers.......Sometimes in life simplicity is the key !
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
You summed it up perfectly.
Add to that a complete run down on what companies offer (all the benefits - so you can wave this at them if you don't get them)
an acceptance of a universal skill set required for base level. and BINGO... simples!

ps... I am currently travelling around the whole UK - region by region, visiting over 50 companies, in order to explain teh new system in person. to show that I am real and to get some face time with people. I think I am in in the North East in February. so see you soon I hope Dino Wink
The future of enforcement doesn't look good.......with a new round of cuts on the way........public/political opinion more obsessed with immigration and EU membership.....will the county mounties survive?

Satan help us all if heritage management falls to the hands of the planning officers.

Heard of a project a while ago being screwed by such a bod removing the archaeological condition on the planning permission during an amendment as he/she thought it was 'all in hand.' The client then promptly destroyed the remaining archaeology when no one was looking as was their legal right..........(NB details changed to protect the innocent)

Without the experience of the senior/experienced county mounties it is so easy to get out of doing any archaeology during a construction scheme its just not funny.

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