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Submerged prehistory off Scotland: a development-led perspective
New article on Past Horizons - serious piece of work this article.

Dr Andrew Bicket ? Wessex Archaeology (Edinburgh)

After a decade of offshore prehistoric research in the seas around the UK, Wessex Archaeology Edinburgh reflects on the significant advances made under the Marine Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (MALSF) and where advances could be made within offshore development-led archaeology in Scotland over the next decade and beyond.
A submerged past environment

[Image: coring.jpg]Core Sampling the Seabed. Image: Wessex Archaeology

Throughout the 19th century there have been reports and scholarly discussions of submerged forests and artefacts from now-submerged environments around the coasts and seas of Britain (Coles 1998). Since the publication of Doggerland: a speculative study by Prof. Bryony Coles in 1998, there has been significant progress in the active investigation of submerged prehistoric landscapes around the coasts of the UK.

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