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Prospect Questionaire
IFA and Propect continue to do naff all like theve always done naff all. Always have always will. Ought to rename themselves as "The Peoples Front of Judea" (Watch life of Brian for that one). But they are a complete waste of time. I`ve been in archaeology for 10 years and they have sigularly failed to do anything of use in those 10 years other than to discuss that nothing has been done for 10 years, turn up at conferences with new literature spelling out what they dont intend to see through over the next 10 years.


It is an will remain so a non active organisation, hopeless out of touch, powerless as you dont even need to be in it to practise other than get the letters after your name.

The only organisation that has effected any significant change within this industry is this site and thats it because of the volume of people who visit employers now know how to target staff for recruitment and due to the discussions on the forum people are aware of what is good or bad pay and employers who now find it difficult to recruit are having to raise wages in order to attract staff. Nothing to do with the IFA just pure and simple economics. And Mr BAJR try not to associate to much with em It feels like Jimi Hendrix havin teas with Edward Heath. Big Grin

Close enough for a country job!

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