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Institute of Field Archaeologists and Prospect
I for one have had enough of villifying organisations for their behaviour. I have opened this thread in the hope that they may open dialogue with us. As many contributors here have pointed out, rather than working against these organisations-we should be working together for change-something Chris Clarke and the Diggers Forum have pushed into reality. I leave it here...over to the IFA and Prospect.Smile
Nice positive move there Troll... I certainly hope for some form of interaction. as they say... Jaw-Jaw not War-War.

stuck in my throat a bit boss....
Big Grin
And from the defening silence we can all see exactly what the IFA and Prospect think of us can't we!

The deafining silence shows many things. [xx(]

As an ex union member way back in the 80s... I see little difference now. You pays yer money and what do you get?

At least with the Digger and BAJR you actually have your voice heard, you get grades (perhaps not perfect.. but now accepted by 94 organisations) you get pay scales, you get action on health and safety, action on poor conditions, action and all for nuppence a month! You also get this from people who actually understand what digging is really about ... because they are either in it or have spent the last 20 odd years moving through it!

My suggestion is to write to Prospect [:o)] and ask what is happening... a 7 point manifesto is a very hollow and empty document (no matter how good the ideals) if nothing actually changes.

Give up your subs to Prospect [:o)], send a tenner a year to the Digger - A more sensible place to hand cash to... as it is one of the few real independent voices and pressure groups in archaeology today!

Even join up for 5 quid a year to the IFA Diggers Group!

Prospect [:o)] are not visibly working for you. --- Unless someone knows different?

Well said there gaffer!

In the words of Ol'Ron (from Diskworld!) "Buggrem!!"

Get real chaps! Without necessarily disagreeing with the sentiments expressed above, it is hardly likely, or indeed proper, that a corporate body will enter into informal chatting on an internet forum, however highly regarded that forum may be.

If, as I understand is the case, they have failed to respond to written queries and so on, that is a different kettle of fish. Discourteous if nothing else.
The discussions were to take place in Edinburgh in August 2004... then September 2004 then December 2004 then April 2005. They have been offered (free of charge) a list of every job (thats a lot of jobs!) that has passed through BAJR over the past 4 years. (this was to help in the establishing of benchmark grades)

I have recently requested further talks ... but I am still waiting for a reply... over a month later.

They may not want to talk on a public forum.. but they better talk to some one!

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