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Scotlands Fantastic Community Projects - booklet now out.
Following on from a highly successful community archaeology conference held in May 2009, a booklet has been produced by showcasing just some of the different types of community archaeology projects, which are happening across Scotland today. You will even find my project in there too... or should I say the project that I was honoured to be part of.

Biddy Simpson, Heritage Officer with East Lothian Council, who was responsible for co-ordinating the production of the booklet, said
Quote:The main purpose of this booklet is not only to promote and celebrate the wealth and diversity of Scottish community archaeology initiatives but to pay tribute to the hundreds of volunteers who give up their own time to investigate and celebrate their own local heritage.
[/INDENT][ATTACH=CONFIG]586[/ATTACH]The first of its kind, this booklet clearly demonstrates the amount of progress that has been made in community archaeology in Scotland over the last ten years and it is crammed full of examples of fantastic archaeology projects from all over the country in addition to supporting articles by national heritage organisations.

To get a copy of the booklet please contact, 01620 827408 or write to Cultural Services, 9-11 Lodge Street, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 3HA referencing ?Community Archaeology Booklet?. Booklets are priced at ?3. Cheques should be made out to East Lothian Council. If you would prefer to pay by card please include a daytime contact telephone number so a member of staff can contact you to organise this.

It would have been nice if an online version was an option. ah well.
Hurrah for Biddy! Just doing a similar project for her now....Smile
Does it involve a laser scanner Wink

What is it you are doing?
Quote:It would have been nice if an online version was an option. ah well.
turns out there will be one... :face-approve:

I'll let people know as soon as I find out more
There is no laser scanner, just me, my board, my permatrace, my 6H pencil and my rubber. You can't set up a laser scanner on a dodgy surface (apparently) so it's me and me pencil. Had my mask and gloves on today as well - don't get me started on pigeons....*shudders*
Excellent... hate laser scanners me Smile mask and gloves, not a good way to work comfortably.. I feel for you. and not the pigeons
how are the community involved.. are they working elsewhere.

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