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Good practice in archiving archaeological projects
One request from BAJR... will the Scottish IfA please get one of these workshops up in Schotchland please!

[Image: 2012-workshops-for-print.gif]
The IfA Archaeological Archives Group are organising a series of regional workshops designed to promote good practice in working with archaeological archives, to provide hands-on experience and encourage participants to engage with archive issues by considering new perspectives.
It is intended that a mixed group of archaeologists from all areas of the discipline, including planning archaeologists, contractors, museum curators, specialists and consultants will share experiences, issues and viewpoints so that everyone develops a greater awareness of the problems and possible solutions around archiving archaeological material.
A hands-on practical session with archive materials will require participants to form into groups that will compile an archive in readiness for deposition, check an archive prior to deposition or search a digital archive to answer a specific set of queries.
The afternoon session will set a series of questions to different groups, who will then share their deliberations and conclusions in a final discussion.
There will also be an opportunity to discuss specific issues that participants wish to raise from their personal experience.
For more information, click here
Dates and locations

We currently have workshops planned at the locations below:
10 October 2012 Hertford
24 October 2012 Chester
22 November 2012 Bath
14 March 2013 Plymouth
Next year we are intending to hold workshops in the following places:
Cambridge or Ipswich, Coventry, London, Sussex, York.
If you would like to be kept informed of the workshops programme, or have any questions relating to them, please email Lianne Birney (

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