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What a potential ! MappingWiki

Heres one for you Steve!

the potential is enormous! this link leads you to Jerash in Jordan, and the entry for the site... I am half tempted to put on all the sites we found!

Another day another WSI?
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
This is a very exciting resource and resulted in much time spent surfing it this afternoon. I was shocked to discover that no-one had noticed Maiden Castle so I put that on. However all the palaeochannels around Stonehenge (noted for its 'Wiccans, naturists and other assorted hippies!') show up very nicely.
Told you it was fun!

Another day another WSI?
Mr Hosty
What is that in the bottom left hand corner of the Jerash tile square? It looks like chariot race it? Big Grin

Oh yes... one chariot track... Never finished by the ROmans.. (part of a big building programme for trajan.. So now the circus is actually being used for the purpose.. 2000 years late (sounds like a British Olympic Bid !) They also have Roman troops (a half century) perfoming troop movements.. nice and gladiators.. and chariots.... oooohh its tooooooo exciting.. will be uploading a video soon to You Tube..

Sad but true... I got over excited about it!

Another day another WSI?
Sounds like Multiplex were the contractors..................

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
very very cool - let us know when the You Tube video is up...[8D]

you asked for it !!

legions, chariots and gladiators ... love it!Smile

Another day another WSI?
That's pretty cool - liked the chariots, and also the centurion with a microphone! but for sheer drama your narration on the Hinterland survey wins hands down!Big GrinGood tomb though. Nice sounding project, too.

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