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Potential groups
Hi Dave, one day in and already three groups, and the potential seems to be there for the mentioned an illustrators group (count me in), and I guess there are any number of other groups that will evolve/mutate/grow/fall by the wayside over time. What are people's ideas for groups then?

Judging from the old thread I guess a Land Rover group would be fairly popular.....any other ideas people? How archaeology related do they need to be?
How about a community archaeology type one? Something along those lines?

*peers at her avatar on the left* my head's been chopped off! How rude Big Grin
Hi Wibblehead,

see this discussion,

Why don't you start one?

Well it's not something I've done before, but if someone can tell me what forming a group involves I will do a Community Archaeology one very gladly!
Hi again,

The info for forming a group is here,
Super, ta, just what i was looking for.

Got to go meet a man about a lost village now so i'll have a look-see later.
Thanks again!
Could there be a buildings group?
Certainly think there should one! Could I join?

I intend to contact lots of established groups today... with my Rolodex of contacts.. useful thing BAJR! and get them involved. I have a little gizmo, that means groups can be started up, and admin passed over to anyone else, if teh originator wants to either move on (in which case the group would vanish) OR pass it on to someone more suitable (in my case !

Lets get this ball rolling.. and remember... you can invite people from your profile page by email!
Wibblehead Wrote:*peers at her avatar on the left* my head's been chopped off! How rude

ah... you noticed... this is baffling me.. No really.. it defies logic... avatar size set at 60px.. but for some reason, rather than take your image and squash it down, it somehow decides to just pick the middle! I will continue to investigate, cos I lose my bum!
I'm looking forward to joining the Community Archaeology group Wibblehead.

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