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Bone Kickers
Is it going to be political every week? The nearest I have ever got to politics is debating whether the lack of a portaloo is against health and safety rules!

Maybe that's for series 2............. Big Grin

I have promised to try to be nicer about it this week. Sad
From the look of the trailer for episode 2 - brace yourself for archaeology to provide the foundations of some flag waving nationalism (in the US????)

I've seen people get worked up over landscape and conservation issues but this looks even more bizarre. Indianna Jones was always fighting the nazis for artefacts of power or justification, is America the new arch-villain of archaeological manipulation. Silly question, they're 21st century villains for everything if you believe what the papers say!!!

I may have got the wrong end of a very crooked stick, but will tune in to find out tonight. It was gin last week - please nominate a spirit of choice for this week, preferably one that comes with less of a hangover.
pure ethanol should remove any bad taste

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Bit hardcore for me. You must be lead lined!

Are you distilling your own up in Scotland. Perhaps a new product to be marketed to the more daring diggers.

Cheers, hic......
Can't watch it tonight, but will probably iView later in the week just to see if it lives up/down to the first one!
Given the topic, gotta be rum....
Will record it on my Freeview hard drive thingy and watch it later. After last week's effort, the idea of a fast-forward function appeals.

I do hope we hear more of that pithy dialogue (mutht do thomething about thith lithp).
oh very good... very good indeed!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Having just passed a major milestone birthday, and having belately come to the conclusion that life is too short to waste it watching cr@p telly, I'll be giving this pile of unconscionable tosh a body-swerve. I'll stick to watching more factually-accurate and intellectually-rewarding stuff like re-runs of Startrek TNG instead.

Just watched the opening sequence of part II. The excavation of the skeletons is exactly like it is carried out in real life in the Severn Estuary.

But wasnt that bit fully examined when the second severn crossing was constructed.

Have to say full marks to the BBC and Mark Horton

Dr Peter Wardle
Who is now going down the pub.

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