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Bone Kickers. Post viewing comments
Ive worked in Bath alot and am now fuming knowing that there was part of the cross sooo close but we never found it.

Asides from the terrible CGI and plot holes, hello why didnt Mat Nicoles just cut the devil womans rope when they were swinging around? and the site being bought up within minutes of the finds being discovered. lets not forget the wonderful leaps of faith when deciding what the Sarracens were doing in Bath.

@Bajrhost, anychance of getting caving equipment put in the past horizons store? I feel that i'm missing out on some essential tools to keep in my toolbox. Can you also get in contact with the IFA and get us all an immediate wage increase? Surely we are in need of danger money due to the work we undertake on a daily basis, how else could an Archaeologist afford a house in the Cresent in Bath!

On the plus side there are alot of quotes that will be used on site for ages (see sig)"he may know whats under the topsoil but we can dig".

At least the last line was accurate "can we now go down the pub?"

<center>Use your archaeological imagination</center>
Use your archaeological imagination
I wept with joy seeing their lab. Literally wept at the beautifulness of it all!

Would love to have seen their risk assessment for potholing down a well though. "Likely to experience attack by Knights Templar and possibility of 1st degree burns."

Leading a crack team of archaeologists in the hunt for death or glory.

No-one's died yet and I think we lost the glory down the back of the sofa.....
Dear god, make it go away. It made 10,000BC look positively well researched. Who was the archaeological advisor on this programme? Will anyone admit to it? Who calls it a "dig site" anyway? And where was the county mountie? It was a development so surely there was a county mountie involved. Why were they not leading the charge? Oh, and were all those figgers students? They must have been because there seemed to be one per sqm of the trench. Someone had better tell the IFA. I'm sure that it's against the rules somewhere.

It was like a car crash. I could not tear my eyes away even as I wished to tear them out. Why else did I watch it to the end? Having seen the comments on the "fan" site, I don't think it was that well received.

Gentleman Adventurer and Antique

"A great victory for rangers and hamsters everywhere. Right, Boo?" - Minsc
I said all I had to say on the other thread }Smile

What's with the tents? I hope they become standard pretty soon!

The best quote was when they first arrived on site and Julie Graham said "There's always something to find" ....... obviously never been trial trenching with me then. [:p]
Copied from the other thread as I hadn't seen this one [:I]
Here were my observations
1. A developer finding a coin on a site with no archaeological condition attached and then telling someone
2. County, or city, archaeologist. Where are they?
3. A tent!?
4. A computer?!
5. Finding bodies with geophys with no associated metal
6. Wood surviving in an area with no anaerobic preservation.
7. Leaving the wood in the air
8. Pulling bits off a wood sample
9. Giving a c14 date without a plus or minus date
My wife, who's not a digger, left me in front of the tv swearing slightly. Wink
I used my archaeological imagination. When my wife saw the expression on my face she slapped me Big Grin
Most of my spleen venting is on the other thread too :face-confused:

I shall probably start anew on this thread tomorrow! Big Grin

It's actually worked out at quite good value for money from my licence fee as for only one hour of watching, there has been one and a half of me whittering via 'phone, Facebook AND here! Bargain :face-approve:
I thought this was a classy bit of TV, I can't wait to ring my geophysical survey contractors and ask them why they didn't find me some friggin burials (with little pixelated limbs as well!!!) the last time they scanned a site for me, and come running screaming "I'VE GOT THE DATA!!!!!!!".

All that was missing were some Nazis.....maybe next week.....

"don't panic!"
Viewing it purely as a piece of drama, it was fairly dreadful, both in the acting and writing stakes,I thought.

Quote:quote:Originally posted by BAJR Host

The Archaeological advisor was.... Mark Horton! oh yes... .. perhaps it has been a while since he was on a a real (non TV) site? after all, he seemed to view most archaeology while strapped comfortably into a helicopter Smile

The thing is, I'm not sure it would have made much difference exactly who the archaeological consultant for the programme was, or exactly what their area of specialisation was. My (admittedly limited)experience of people involved in TV productions is that even they do bring in a professional to advise them, they will completely ignore anything that doesn't fit into how they think the viewing public will percieve the programme.

Actualy, a comment from a friend who watched it with me and is a former nurse, was "well, at least you know how we used to feel about Casualty and ER"
You do wonder who came up with the line about developers

"He'll be on our backs like a rutting grizzly!"

[:I] mmmmMMM nice [:p]

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

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