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Bone Kickers - trowelhead - 2nd July 2008

I mean PU LEEEAASSEEE!!! more like Sh1t kickers.

Close enough for a country job!

Bone Kickers - angi - 3rd July 2008

What do you mean? I've seen the trailers and it looks EXACTLY like an average day on site! Big Grin

Bone Kickers - gonetopot - 3rd July 2008

I want a job that involves exploring secret chambers!!!

On the face of that trailer exactly often do that lot have to use a mattock. It looks like nothing more than alot of sub Lara-Croft sultry posing in a slightly muddy fashion. Well that'll guarantee about 5 million viewerss then. Just wait for the questions we'll get from members of the public once this has been on

Time Team - all is forgiven, well nearly

Bone Kickers - Kel - 3rd July 2008

Let's face it, the bulk of archaeology is un-newsworthy slog. Anything that gets people even vaguely interested must be a bonus.

Personally, I'm all for it. If you've never seen six people simultaneously feign falling into a Persistent Vegetative State, you should accompany me to the pub of a Thursday and watch what happens when I say "post hole". Any programme even loosely related to digging that invokes a response bereft of eye-rolling, pantomime yawning and stage snoring, is OK by me.

I *dream* of being asked daft questions about archaeology. It'd make a change from being pointed to and laughed at.

Bone Kickers - BAJR Host - 3rd July 2008

Guess none of you have been on one of my sites [:p]

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

Bone Kickers - mercenary - 4th July 2008

What are you all on about? It's gonna be great. There is absolutely no chance this will reflect our profession. Anything that did would be sooooo boring. Who cares if it gets people interested in archaeology? Documentaries do that.

It's gonna be high comedy I'm sure. Can't wait.[:o)]Big GrinSmile

Bone Kickers - BAJR Host - 4th July 2008

I'll get the gin open!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

Bone Kickers - gumbo - 4th July 2008

i do quite a lot of sub-lara croft sultry posing actually (actually its pretty f'ing sub)

also, im basically on the side of those that think this is going to be the most amazing televisual event for many a year. it might even top extreme archaeology.

pass the gin

Bone Kickers - angi - 8th July 2008

Shall we make a new drinking game a la the Time Team version?! Any excuse.........

Fifteen sips for a context sheet :face-stir:

Bone Kickers - gonetopot - 8th July 2008

Against my pantomime angst, kicking and screaming.......

I concede this will probably be worth a rip-roaring night of silliness and drinking. Have started an office kitty for the gin, so everybody grab a straw! We have a medieval mystery....[:o)]

p.s why don't any of my diggers go for the slightly filthy, pouty look? (muttering into empty glass)