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Bone Kickers
Just make sure you get some stuck in a member-of-the-general-public-who-didn't-ask-if-you-were-time-team's finger (NO risk assessment or tetanus shot requirement, I notice) and then they can trundle around and heal all and sundry Big Grin

That was the only bit I could use to remind myself that it was telly and just pretending and so I really shouldn't be commenting on the unlikely state of preservation etc [:I]
Did anybody think that the sword and leather shoe were both very well preserved for the soil conditions?

And the way the lifted the wood....reminded me of a time team episode...PULL

and wasnt the wood very solid too

And the near instantaneous results they got back , C14, Metallographic analysis, wood ID all the diggers had remarkably good scientific post ex skills.....

Oh, and I dont recall being invited to many champagne black tie parties as a mere digger.... and didnt ye scrub up well when they came off site

Huge giggle....cant wait for the new influx of uni students who think that this portrays the real archaeological world

Count Dooku Consultants

Environmental Advisors to the Separatist Movement

"The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural".
I hope this is on iPlayer so I can watch it tonight. I've got all day to perfect the indignant spluttering.
I'm caught somewhere between...

"that was so bad, it was great!"


"If faced with the prospect of watching that again, I'm going to sandpaper my corneas beforehand"

I hate every ape I see,
From chimpan-a to chimpanzee,
You'll never make a monkey out of me!
Dammit, I haven't been quick enough to post. I really have nothing left to add...

well maybe I've never seen such well-organised and tidy finds rooms (and more surprisingly site vans!)

Clearly I have either been diggin in the wrong place and going about it all wrong. I now intend to retrain as a a television archaeologist and hire myself out to the BBC, or maybe Midsommer Murders.
Living in the greater EU Reich I missed this. I did see the trailer on Ewetube though. It looks thrilling and I am sure it will reflect the real issues that diggers worry about. (eg can I afford to pay the rent this month, what time does the offie shut, am I ever going to get anything longer than a monthly contract? etc) The reality of many is exacting and demanding as it is without having to resort to finding the grail, the true cross or whatever t*ss.
Having Mr Horten act as an advisor does/will not mean that the director will take on board what is said - this is, as someone pointed out not a documentary. Perhaps all the real human drama and heartbreak is not enough for scriptwriters?

Why not chuck in some genetically manufactured dinosaurs as well?

Granted, I say all this without having seen the thing myself...but then i never actually saw the TT i was in....and I know for a fact what a load of t&ss that was

Just give me a cold Becks
I am actually ready to sit down and watch it comfortably ... to chortle away, and scream abuse at the telly... a thoroughly enjoyable nights telly viewing.

What I do want to know is why they bothered with any archaeology advisor at all... as it could have romped along fine...

Mark Horton gave a spirited defence with awry smile too .. but a couple of his points bothered me... and being an anorak

Quote:quote:1) The developers found the coin while sinking a geotechnical borehole. The site, - which is at Larkhill just to the west of Bath incidently - produced this dirham (which was right by the way). It was not on the SMR, but the Uni was called in do a standard PPG16 evaluation, paid for by the developers. The city archaeologist was proposing the site should be sealed under a concrete raft - but the site was then bought up by Laygass etc.

Hmmm... so getting over the possibility of a developer handing in a single coin.. and then a development with no conditions suddenly finding themselves with a condition, based on a single coin find?? Called in to do a standard PPG16 evaluation? Is that possible?

Quote:quote:2) Health and Safety? When does anyone wear high vis or hart hats on time team then.....

As somebody pointed out, TT is television, and hi viv causes camera flare - but hard hats and boots are worn, not woolly hats and sandals (in a trench within a development site) The Hi-viz is worn by a banksman who controls the JCB during filming, in a 'real' excavation... the glow of Hi Viz can be seen from the moon.

Quote:quote:3. Viv's unprofessional conduct in digging the wood out. This was deliberate - Viv is a rather naive student, fresh out of Uni, with very little experience - this is part of her character. This was needed for the later scene with the news of Helena's miracles.

What a damning indictment of to-days archaeology departments... and sadly very very true... archaeology degrees now produce people who know quite a bit about 1st century AD trading patterns in the Levant, but don't know how to dig in a commercial environment.. That a serious problem, well highlighted by Viv's inexperience

Quote:quote:4. Radio carbon - dates to within 20 years. We only say early 14th century. The print out was the callibration curve from OxCal - showing the callibration of the date. We did speed it up a bit to help the story along....

To be absolutely accurate, they did not say early 14th century, they said between, 1300 and 1320 (ah the joy of video recording!)

Quote:quote:5. Geophys. The blotches were not meant to be bodies, but large grave pits - a series of mass graves with the skellies piled in. This was in the eye of the beholder.....

lets see... You decide...
[Image: geoph.png]
we have already got orders for this machine... though there could be a wait... [:p]

I for one will sit back and have a laugh, it gives people once more a baffling view of archaeologists .. but hey... we can live with that, ... can??t we?

If we put aside what nurses, police, firemen, eastenders and others have had to deal with?K then we could enjoy it for what it is?K. Mindless fun, even if the script is as wooden as a true cross ??

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Here's tonight's synopsis. Can't wait!

9.00pm Bonekickers The team find ancient remains ? seemingly those of 18th-century slaves ? in the Bristol Channel. The discovery of a ship's bell in mud flats links the bones to a boat called the Somerset, but Gillian's research suggests the vessel never carried slaves. Unexpected results after analysis of the remains widen the investigation further, and it appears anyone who gets close to the truth is in danger (88:face-thinks:
And having seen the trailer at the end of last weeks episode, I think the quote of 'Is anyone else having an underpants moment?' is going to go find its way into public language very quickly!
Big Grin
Oooooh... part two tonight! I can hardly contain my indifference

I hate every ape I see,
From chimpan-a to chimpanzee,
You'll never make a monkey out of me!

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