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Bone Kickers
Gonetopot- I tried the sultry pouty look but I think the facial hair ruined the overall effect.
I always wear full make up on site!

Hmmmmmm, I am not sure we'll see any of them get sweaty and nasty whilst pushing a wheelbarrow full of sludge and rocks, but I can't not watch it Big Grin

I'll have the gin ready......
My first dig was spent in the company of a young lady with french-polished nails. Hahah!
Did the said French Lady pout and sip her gin?

Count Dooku Consultants

Environmental Advisors to the Separatist Movement

"The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural".
Nope, although I do remember various water-fights with the killer-spray. I think we spent most of the time throwing things at each other, rather than digging/learning. Ah, those innocent days!
Jesus wept! I know it was only a telly drama, but that was indescribable! :face-confused: :face-confused: :face-confused:

The bodies showing up on the Geo Phys results even prompted a 'phone call from Ireland! Just think of all the man-hours we have wasted :face-thinks: The other half, who's a shovel monkey too, was begging to change channel, but it was too funny to miss!

Not a single member-of-the-general-public asked them if they were Time Team either Big Grin

I wonder if nurses 'phone each other after Casualty to pick faults?! :face-stir:

"Let's do dendrochronology on it"! Genius!
Nurses, doctors, police I bet they all do the same thing.
Here were my observations
1. A developer finding a coin with no archaeological condition attached and then telling someone
2. County, or city, archaeologist. Where are they?
3. A tent!?
4. A computer?!
5. Finding bodies with geophys with no associated metal
6. Wood surviving in an area with no anaerobic preservation.
7. Leaving the wood in the air
8. Pulling bits off a wood sample
9. Giving a c14 date without a plus or minus date
My wife, who's not a digger, left me in front of the tv swearing slightly. Wink
Yep, your point number one forwarned me of what was to come!

Don't forget though that it was the true cross, so it could kick about the finds room for a bit, no problems. :face-approve:
Someone on a different forum was commenting on the miraculous preservation of cotton (Not linen but cotton) but then it was next to the one true cross. Maybe we should start using the one true cross instead of cold stores etc?

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