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Bone Kickers
We are a cuddly lot on BAJR Smile

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Cuddles are good! :face-approve:
A visit to the Britarch discussion list to see the hilarious Bonekickers bunfight ongoing there has left me amazed that the CBA has actually managed to make their antiquated system even more difficult to follow!

Long live BAJR, I say!:face-approve:

:face-topic: Sorry, sorry...
:face-topic: I could not but notice that myself...

I eventualy worked out you could sort by date, by clicking the date.. then you had to wait, then you had to scroll down OR click date again... and wait... [hm]

To be fair though, I think it was the JISC system that has changed... however... you can't beat a good old lively forum...

Another good forum (for those of a technical archaeo bent...

:face-topic: sorry again...

Is anyone feeling a sense of dread about even trying to watch Tuesdays latest offering... I am amazed that over 700 people have now viewed/downloaded the Drinking Game.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Quote:quote:There are still several spaces left on our fantastic summer school! Archaeology School 2008: get started in archaeology!

The School? Bristol.... [:I] pray to arthur's sword they are not asked to use their imagination?

Low blow... I know!

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Dr Horton set out his stall for accurate TV archaeology in June 2001:

Quote:quote:A NEW university degree that will teach graduates how to make episodes of Time Team and other archaeological programmes is to begin later this year, in an attempt to make television history programmes more accurate. Academics at Bristol University, who will run the MA course in Archaeology for Screen Media with producers from the Channel 4 series, said that the new qualification was needed because many historical programmes contained significant errors... Dr Horton said: "Some are very good, but others have mistakes. For instance, in What the Romans Did for Us, they said that the mile castles on Hadrian's Wall were 14 miles apart, when actually they are only eight miles apart. It might seem a trivial detail, but these things are important."
I think I may have split my sides... pass me a laughing corset..

thanks for that gem!

oh.. gawd... its tonight!

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Mr Host

Careful with the mention of corsets - can you imagine the Bonekickers combining with period costume.

I can't believe this topic now stretches to 9 pages. This much derision hasn't even been heaped on the IFA, no matter what they've tried. I can't help wondering if the whole series is a ploy to distract the archaeological community (cue low background music, intense moody stares and 'we have a cover up')

I think tonights episode might have a scrumpy accompanyment. Enjoy
I have to say I was certainly of the belief that they were around 1 roman mile apart. Clearly I have been mislead by the inaccurate media.

To be fair to Mark Horton, the only times I have ever spoken to the media they have got things entirely wrong and it may well not be his mistake.

Hi All
Another of Mark's media savvy moments from the Sydney Morning Herald:

The barbecue is strictly a male domain, and now we know why.

Put it down to instinct, says Dr Mark Horton, head of the department of archaeology and anthropology at the University of Bristol, in Britain.

"Our early ancestors were doing exactly the same thing hundreds of thousands of years ago," said the visiting scholar.

"It is not surprising that even today, some of our behaviour may be influenced by instincts that developed through our long evolutionary history.

"This may include ? why men like cooking meat outside on their barbecue, but women still feel they have a role preparing vegetables."
:End Quote

I'm sure that this is all based on real scientific evidence and is not the cheap pseudo-scientific self-publicising trick perpetrated by a media obsessed, celebrity chasing individual the newspaper made it out to be.


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