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What would eh know about buying land for development?
For both sexes it's mtdna. Not sure what you mean by "most aboriginals". I contend that we are all aboriginals to a continent. In my case I suspect Europe.

The argument for europe isn't too difficult on the Atlantic edge but it is more problematic if you include north Africa lavant Syria turkey Russia.

In this system there is no colour. I dont know that there are any types of human features that can be related to mitrocondria. I don't think Any features can be related to mtdna.

President Obama would appear to be classified as European although I think that I read somewhere that he claims some indigenous American ancestry. If there was a direct link through on his maternal line then he would be classified as an indigenous American.

The inherent point is that we're should check to see Who's mtdna ancestors they are and their descendants (at a continental level) should preserve them if it appears that is what the ancestors wanted, if only to show deluded people that the world does not belong to some God but people.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist

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RE: What would eh know about buying land for development? - by Marc Berger - 15th July 2017, 01:37 PM

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