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Predictions for 2016...
Crocodile Wrote:Granted the Level descriptions are more detailed but terms like project officer are not meaningless. A company paying L4 rates for employees it titles as PO's is either underpaying its PO's or is misleading other parties, county archaeologists, consultants, clients etc, about the level of experience being employed to run a site.

I have never seen a BAJR level grade referred to in a Written Scheme of Investigation, I have seen plenty of WSI's that say that a site will be, run by or monitered by an experienced archaeological project officer. It can't be reduced to a simple matter of nomenclature. It's either a matter of poor pay, or a matter misleading job titles, designed to mislead concerned parties about the experience and competence of the individuals being employed to run sites. It's a matter of poor pay or it's a matter of poor standards.
the standard is and always has been the one you can get away with
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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