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The Future of Archaeology: 12 Expert Predictions for the Decade Ahead
From Heritage Key

1: "Science will be the driving force in breakthroughs in archaeology"
2: "I hope that there will be a national database for rock art"
3: "Success is just around the corner for DNA testing of Egyptian mummies"
4: "Embracing new forms of communication will be vital to museums"
5: "I hope to see exciting discoveries about the prehistoric built environment"
6: "Increasing quantity and quality of radiocarbon dates will allow the past to be written in completely new ways"
7: "The inexorable destruction of archaeological sites will reach crisis point"
8: "Expect to see increased use of remote sensing and satellite imagery in archaeology"
9: "The most important discoveries will be linked to the pyramids of the 4th Dynasty"
10: "The Paviland remains will be given a long-term or permanent home in Wales"
11: "We'll add to the Arctic?s sometimes spare radiocarbon chronologies"
12: "Archaeological parks have to become all year round venues"

well not a hard wishlist Wink
7: "The inexorable destruction of archaeological sites will reach crisis point"
Nice to see right up at the top under #1:
Quote:(...)we must not forget that any new discovery that comes out of the ground needs to be supported by really skilled excavators, and their skills need to be valued as much as the academics and the scientists. Many of those who do the actual digging are terribly badly paid(...)
An interesting but quite odd list in a way - I thought point one was important and that e.g. DNA testing on mummies etc fitted in underneath this.

I'm going to have to start thinking about how to tie everything in to 4th Dynasty Egypt....

Anyone have an alternative set of predictions?
13. Increasing pressure on county archaeologists to to put less archaeological restrictions on construction work to make development easier and 'help'the country out of the depression, if this is not done there will be a backlash against PPG 16, which ever party in power will turn a blind eye to need to protect and record heritage as not to look weak
Archaeology is the peeping Tom of the sciences It is the sandbox of men who care not where they are going; they merely want to know where everyone else has been.
Actually Good idea...

New Thread... the BAJR 12 Predictions for the next ten years.

we can then put them in order...

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