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2013 BAJR Grades
Couple of things just to help keep on topic.

Quote:I think David has done this for his grades and suggests ?115 a day for a site assistant before any accommodation/long distance travel is added (David, please correct me if wrong).
That is right.. it is a tricky one as it is really up to the Freelancer to decide what they charge. this is just a suggestion about how much it would be to keep equivalent with salaried work. 100-115 is about right.

As to freelancers working for set time etc... there is a thing called Labour only sub contracting

not new... read this Hansard report from 1966
Quote:n order to contract labour, particularly over the last few years, employers have been in fierce competition with each other, and to attract the labour required, they have offered substantial under-the-counter payments, in addition to nationally negotiated wage rates. Even this aspect of the situation has been lessened, because in many cases these conditions of employment have been superseded by 212 recourse to what we know as labour-only sub-contracting. Under this system, the main contractor, having successfully tendered for building work, engages one, and frequently several, labour-only sub-contractors on an undiluted piece-work basis, on the premise that these men become self-employed and independent contractors. The main contractor is thereby the employer only in name. It is true that many of the larger contractors in industry now only lend their name to the contract which they have secured. In this extremely mobile and' highly casual industry, still undermanned and notably deficient of skilled craftsmen, this invidious system permits and encourages the use of semi-skilled or even unskilled labour to supplement the skilled men available. The average labour-only sub-contractor has few, if any, scruples and it can readily be understood that there can be a serious diminution in standards of workmanship, with subsequent disastrous consequences for a consumer.

However. it is not unlawful.

Here are the rules. and as you see. Labour Only is a good way of cutting costs

Labour Only Sub Contractors

Labour only sub-contractors should be treated as Employees for the purposes of cover under this type of insurance. Generally they work under the direction of the Insured and do not provide their own material or tools (with the exception of small hand tools). Cover would therefore be arranged for LOSC by the main contractor under their policy.
Determining BFSC or LOSC status

Whilst it is difficult to provide an accurate definition, it is important to try and correctly determine the status of sub-contractors to ensure that the cover provided by the policy is adequate.
As a general guide as to whether a worker is a LOSC or BFSC;
If the answer is ‘Yes’ to all or most of the following questions, then the worker is probably a LOSC and would need to be covered for employers liability insurance:
  • Are they paid by the hour, week, or month?
  • Can they receive overtime pay or bonus payment?
  • Do they only supply their own small hand tools?
  • Do they always have to do the work themselves?
  • Can the principal contractor tell them at any time what to do, where to carry out the work or when and how to do it?
  • Can they work a set amount of hours?
  • Can the principal contractor move them from task to task?
If the answer is ‘Yes’ to all or most of the following questions, then the worker is probably a BFSC:
  • Do they agree to do a job for a fixed price regardless of how long the job may take?
  • Do they have a contract of service as opposed to a contract of employment?
  • Within an overall deadline, are they able to decide what work to do, how and when to do the work and where to provide the services?
  • Do they regularly work for a number of different people other than the principal?
  • Do they have to correct unsatisfactory work in their own time and at their own expense?
  • Do they hold their own public liability insurance in their own name?
  • Do they pay the cost of all materials or supplies required for the work without being reimbursed? (excluding minor items and consumables).
  • Can they hire someone to do the work or engage helpers at their own expense?
  • Do they risk their own money e.g. if they bid for a job and the bid is too low they have to bear the additional cost themselves?
  • Do they provide or hire in the main items of equipment they need to do their job, not just the small tools that many employees provide for themselves?
There is no legal requirement for a self employed sub contractor to have insurance, but it may be a condition of the contract they have with a main contractor that they must have it in place before start work for them.

now............... where were we :face-topic:

Ah yes... pay rates, minima and the collapse of archaeology if we get an extra few quid a week.. :face-huh:

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