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IfA Salary Survey
its not your english, its the fact you persistently refuse to understand how ifa works. members of ifa also have a voice. bajr forum posts are entirely 'self-appointed'
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
IFA also has a highly selective membership (compared to the overall number of people in the heritage industry), those who have elected to join (for whatever reason) have already selected themselves into that group (assuming they can pass the membership requirements and afford the subs!) and thereafter it is no longer possible for the remaining (larger) group to have any say in any subsequent debate. On BAJR IFA members are equally welcome to contribute, as indeed are non-heritage/ non-professional/non-resident-in-UK persons, and without qualification and financial bars. IFA is strictly oligarchic, the self-chosen few (not to mention the, ahem, self-validated MIFAs....) :face-stir:
the debate is whether ifa should raise their minimum pay requirements. it only affects ifa registered organisations, why should ifa care about anybody else? anybody can make their views known to ifa but nobody has to listen - same as here on bajr
banging on about levels of representation is a bit like tilting at windmills, and being unitesque. more people dont vote for a government than do - so lets all pointlessly vent on a forum eh
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Wow make one comment about bottom up rather than top down and I am accused of not understanding how the IFA works. Really do not want to get into an argument over the IFA. I am sure the IFA regards itself as democratic but you have to pay to join as Dino has pointed out and of course you have to meet the relevant selection criteria.

Still think that BAJR (an individual with community support) has done more for Archaeological wages than the IFA.

Do not want to get into arguments about the IFA as they have all been done to death on this and other threads

Venting on forums is not pointless it enables people to let of steam and reduce their blood pressure (or raise it); Oh and what are forums for if not to spout on a bit?
Here, here.

Venting on forums is my hobby.

A noble pursuit.

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