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Whats the current collective wisdom on CITB/CSCS cards?

Who should have them and at what grade?

How about banksmen certificates for machine watching?

Are there any online sources specific for archaeology?

Dr Peter Wardle

(This is a work question so a tenner to BAJR is somebody gives me the infomation)

When I got my CSCS card last year the IFA advice was that archaeologists should get the 'Construction Related Occupation' level card. The test was very simple and the card is becoming increasingly necessary to even gain access to some construction sites. The IFAs guidance may have changed since I took the test - I would advise you give them a ring to chat it through.
Increasingly common requirement before even allowed on site if main contractor in possession.

here's some information about major housebuilders' requirements

Many other major construction companies now require certification also. Similarly for pipelines (EUSR cards) and major quarry companies.

Thanks for that I knew I had seen something recently.

Ok what about us consultant/manager types what level of card to we need? I note neither the IFA or IHBC are listed as professional institutions.

The letter from Barretts on behalf of most of the big housebuilders is that a Card is required from 1/1/2008. I suspect this is going to be the norm very quickly.

David how about a quick summary of what is involved with the relevant links to useful info. Have say it is going to be chore learning about things like the different types of signs on a fire extinguisher and hazardous materials.

How about banksman certification - how many archaeologists have them

Many Thanks tenner to David when I next see him.



"Ok what about us consultant/manager types what level of card to we need?"

As I understand it, the recommendation is that all archaeologists from site assistant to unit director should go for either the yellow occasional visitor card or construction related occupation card (white). The cards work in a hierarchical arrangement (and get tested accordingly) - I believe the other cards are geared around construction related NVQs. The only other card that would be appropriate would be the professionally qualified person card, however this requires membership of an approved organisation which the IFA is not at the moment.

"Have say it is going to be chore learning about things like the different types of signs on a fire extinguisher and hazardous materials."
In my experience it wasn't actually that much of a chore. The test is done on a computer and is multiple choice (with some pretty dumb alternative options). There isn't anything in the test that you shouldn't already know if your working on (or visiting) a construction site... especially if you're managing other staff. The test book is available to order online and is available in most high street bookshops.
Will get on it Peter....

and boy ... extinguishers! you are looking (well virtually) at a person who was trained in use of the white extiguisher! Nuclear!!! failed though... but will always know when to use one!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
The qualifications of banksmen/persons is going to be an increasing issue I think - the need for 'appropriate' training is moving beyond sticking someone in front of a machine for 10 minutes (or a day or two) with someone more experienced.

The way we have dealt with this on many projects is to make main contractor provide the trained and certificated banksman to control machine movement and then the archaeologist indicates the requirements, thereby not being directly responsible, but working immediately alongside banksperson.

where there is no main contractor, I think we all operate in a world where 'experienced' staff can deal with machines....well, they can, can't they? :face-huh:

Where I work Building Control do not need or have the card. Planners do not need or have the card. I have been told I do not need it. If certain housing companies do not allow planning authorities access to their sites they will not get conditions discharged - legal opinion.
My company has put all its staff memebers through the CSCS card system, and our cards are marked "Archaeologist Technician", in our area most sites require it and we have had them for about 2 years now.
Our firm has also sent all our people through the system.

Intrigued by the reference to a failure with a nuclear extinguisher, Mr Hosty - I hope you weren't the fire marshal at Chernobyl?

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