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CSCS Card: Operative H+S Test

Does anyone have any of the revision material for the above that they could make available? In an attempt to make myself more employable I'm renewing my CSCS card but I'd feel pretty stupid if I failed the test and really don't want to spend ?20 on buying a book about it! I know it's probably just common sense but...

I'm afraid I don't have the info available to post. If it's any use, I recently passed the site manager's test for a renewal card after a very quick skim through the book. Common sense is definitely the watchword (and read the question thoroughly).
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I've got a copy of the 2007 (Issue 2) Construction Skills H & S Test Question & Answers book - if you send me an address I'll stick it in the post for you.

Thanks very much, Beamo. That's mighty kind of you! :face-approve:

I'm going to be staying at some friends so when I find out their address I'll let you know. And if you let me know your address I'll send the cost of postage back to you and return you the book once I've got the test out the way.

And thanks Sith, for the advice, it's much appreciated.

Is this online BAJR guide still current?
Wow, how stupid of me. I should have realised that there'd be a BAJR guide! I thought I looked but obviously not very well. Thanks for pointing this out, Kel.

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