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The Digger
Are we to consign the Digger to history as it has been over a year since the last issue. I feel most of what was covered in the Digger is now covered on this site and perhaps the Digger was a product of its time and that now perhaps it is time to say cheerio. Perhaps the archaeological version of the "Stig" should reveal his or her true identity. So we can all go OHHH it was HIM!!!!

Close enough for a country job!
What do you mean lost on price again!
Why on earth would they want to do that??

Not really a 'pot person'.
I feel a sparticus moment coming on..........

I maiali sono alimentati e aspettano per volare
Ah Mr Vulpes duth protest to much I fear!

Close enough for a country job!
Exactly my point Barnesy. I'm The Digger!
Actually, it was me all along
If only you knew..... !!!

Though seriously... I miss the Digger. Who knows.... with BAJR 2.1 (coming soon!) it may rise again!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I have a pretty fair idea who the first editor was and I know I can find out who the current editor is.

Actually Tom, aren't you known as the Dogger?

'I wanna be a punk rocker but my mammy will ne let me'
I'm Spartacus! and I'm the Stig as well.

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