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A digger from the Dublin area required (One-off job)
I am a UK digger based in Germany. For several years now I have been offering site seeing tours in Munich and the surrounding area. What makes these tours different from the myriad others on other is that I am able to inform on the findings of various digs that have taken place here. I find that clients get a real buzz when they consider that the visible heritage above ground is just a little part of a much bigger picture. I have some repeat clients who would like to get a similar sort of tour in Dublin this year.

If you are able to speak comfortably with strangers and have a first rate knowledge of the history and archaeology of Dublin then I would love to hear from you. The clients are also particularly interested in subjects such as disease/medicine in the past, the everyday lives of ordinary people and local cultures and traditions.

The ability to illustrate your tour with period artefacts, documents or perhaps site photos (ideally where you can show the site under excavation and now) would be a plus.

I am not taking a cut here, i just wish to hook up my clients with the right person: you would negotiate the price, although as a guideline, I charged E140 for about 3,5 to 4 hours, excluding a lunch break.

They would require your services between the 13th and 18th of March, although it is unlikely that they would need you everyday.

Enquiries should be addressed to me initially at:

Many thanks,

Belhaven is your friend

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