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BAJRs 2014/2015 consultation
[h=5]Would love people comments - BAJRs 2014/2015 consultation...

This is part of a support for the IfA Council decision ... and we can't forget the hard work they do as well. Can't believe this is BAJR's 15th year![/h]

honesty, comment and grammar!

Remember that nothing is perfect and this has to be seen in conjunction with the IfA Council decisions.

excellent work your bajrness
my only area of concern is with g1 training. i would prefer to see formal structured training programmes for this level or it will continue to be exploited.
also looking forward to the bajr archaologist acquired skills accreditation scheme which will also help enormously!
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
I thank you for taking the time.... The BAJR Skills scheme will be fully operation for April 5th -- ( better work as I am putting my own cash into it!) and with it.. I hope for an acknowledgement of skills = reward. and training = better staff = better company profit ratio. ( which to be frank are so narrow just now that you could use the margin to slip between the blocks of the great pyramid --- thinner than tissue paper.)

Lets see what the companies think?
Slowly going through................all good so far except...

In G2 breakdown. On the left is says 'This rate would be for a person with perhaps 6 months - 1 year at this level'
on the right it says 'Previous experience: Some relevant experience (3-6 months)'

Is this referring to the same thing? Could be a little clearer.

The text on the left is a different colour from G3/4 than before.........
G4 the text on the left, after second paragraph you have a '::' .......
G4/5 text on left, first paragraph, second line is there a space missing between 'and' and 'be' ? or is it the justifying?

Also final paragraph you got a capital A that should be lower caseI think.

Gap between end of G4/5 text and start of G5 banner looks too small............

er, did you want editing?? should have asked first...ran out of time now. Will look again later if this is helpful Smile
Love you... I would lieke aNy soort of Editong... Ass I need iT

Seriously... I don't mind as it also means you will see any inconsistent things like the G2 - which I can tighten up.

I would like comment on the content as well Smile
Many Thanks (Again) - (no useful edits to add, sorry)

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