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English Heritage consultation on prehistoric,urban and historic industrial research
English Heritage is developing a series of thematic research strategies which will link with the proposed National Heritage Protection Plan. They are ?primarily intended to help English Heritage identify research which will further the organisation?s goals and to provide criteria for the allocation of research resources in a highly competitive arena?. In a future where resources for research will be increasingly scarce, these strategies will be fundamental to priorities for research funding.

The consultation drafts are published for comment over the next month:

?[SIZE=1] [/SIZE]Prehistoric Archaeology Strategy
?[SIZE=1] [/SIZE]Urban Historic Environment Strategy
?[SIZE=1] [/SIZE]Historic Industrial Environment Strategy

The CBA is seeking to bring together views on the draft research strategies from the wider archaeological community for its response. Please send us have your comments and observations - to - by 27 September.
RE: prehistory;

this looks positive

first thought is that earlier prehistoric remains on later multiperiod sites can be badly managed/recognised/funded/accounted for during excavation - the primary context of all research...perhaps there should be some consideration of this re-occuring practicality?

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