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Angling Archaeologists????
Hi Richard,
I'm in North London, so I grew up fishing Walton's other river, the Lea. I doubt that he would recognise very much of it though. It has changed a lot just in my lifetime, what with flood control measures and changes to the design of weirs, etc. The upper Lea is very nice though, and does nice size Barbel, Chub, and of course, the ever-present Carp, which get everywhere, along with the Signal Crayfish. I was walking back to the railway station on my way home a few days ago, and stopped for a few moments to look in a shallow and clear tributary of the Lea, and saw four of the blighters having a fight on the bottom of the river!
I don't get out as much as I used to, due to increased domestic responsibilities. I hope to go out to the River Stort soon, and try for some Roach. That is a canalised river, and a major tributary of the Lea.
Let me know how you get on in the match. Still waters at this time of the year can be very slow.
Hello Rojj,

came 4th (just out of the money) with 16lb 8oz, all carp and bream taken on krilled dead reds over pellets on the quivertip. c. 38lb won the match. hammered with rain and very windy all day. good venue with a good chub stalking river (Blythe) to the rear which looked in perfect condition as we left with a tinge of colur and some extra water on it.

first cast today, with no bait just to check distances etc. saw me snag a carp (biggest of the day) trailing a long and heavy banned fixed rig...people never learn mate.


rich c

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