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Angling Archaeologists???? - richard cherrington - 4th October 2013

I couldn't find a non-archaeological section on the forum so apologies if this post is in the wrong place....

question is do we have many anglers on the forum?, where are they based?, and what do they fish for?

might be nice to set up an annual match somewhere if there is enough interest.


rich c

Angling Archaeologists???? - richard cherrington - 8th October 2013

no anglers out there then......

Angling Archaeologists???? - Dinosaur - 9th October 2013

I'm not aware I've worked with any in the last 30-some years, but there must be some somewhere?

Angling Archaeologists???? - kevin wooldridge - 9th October 2013

I occasionally go sea fishing, but can't be arsed with all that sitting around a lake or on a riverbank business so beloved of fresh-water fisherman.....

Angling Archaeologists???? - Steve H - 9th October 2013

We've got a couple in our office, but they seem to prefer sea fishing. Torturing wildlife isn't my cup of tea though...

Angling Archaeologists???? - Jack - 9th October 2013

Last time I was involved in fishing was for a levels catalogue that had somehow fallen down a borehole.

Before that it was for sticklebacks and tadpoles in a ditch at my uncles wood.

Angling Archaeologists???? - P Prentice - 9th October 2013

Jack Wrote:Before that it was for sticklebacks and tadpoles in a ditch at my uncles wood.
he said euphemistically

Angling Archaeologists???? - Rojj - 9th October 2013

Hi there Richard,
It looks like I'm the first angling digger (or digger who goes fishing) to put his head above the parapet.
Coarse angler. Favourite fish: Roach and Tench (although I only seem to catch carp these days...)
As an amateur, though, it is a case of one or the other. If a serious archaeological project comes along, it can often mean no fishing for a long time.
Sometimes the archaeology interrupts the fishing, as when I found myself walking along a small river running through arable land which had recently been ploughed.
I was looking at the river for a good looking spot, and the first six furrows simultaneously!

Angling Archaeologists???? - Jack - 10th October 2013

P Prentice Wrote:he said euphemistically

Grin...........oo er missus

Angling Archaeologists???? - richard cherrington - 11th October 2013

Hello Rojj,

Looks like we are thin on the ground then...I'm trying to concentrate on the rivers as much as possible at the moment mostly the Staffordshire / Derbyshire Dove (Walton country), the winter grayling and chub fishing is great when there is a bit of water on it. Haven't done that well with decent-sized tench this year but had a few good roach from a gravel pit last week. last match of the year this sunday but with the change in the weather it might be a bit of a struggle getting a big weight of carp so im glad i got a handful of worms from an evaluation site for the skimmers. Have worked for a few clients with waters to fish over the years and had some nice sessions on the Nene trotting for Dace with an architect. Still waiting for that building recording job on a stately home complete with free fishing on an estate lake....Where are you based Rojj?


Rich c