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Rise of open goverment datasets

Quote: This Soils dataset provides soil type information for soils in the Glengorm area of the Isle of Mull. This is part of a study conducted in the 1980s and 1990s which examined prehistoric ritual monument locations and their visibility across the landscape of the area. The study included the application of a GIS for viewshed analysis.

Datasets incorporated into this study and application included soils, coast and lochs, coastline, drainage capacity of soils, land capability, rivers, elevation and slope aspects and distribution patterns of cairn, cist, duns, fort and stone sites.

is just one of a number of these datasets that I am seeing out there. it is heartening to see. though underplayed.

Does anyone use these or even know of them?
It has the potential to be a very useful resource - at the moment the Isle of Mull seems to win on available datasets!!.....but the real lesson maybe is that it is possible to have a central database that appeals to users on multiple levels. Maybe a slightly more organised system for labelling and describing attributes of datasets would be helpful.....
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I've just discovered lots of lovely lidar data here. Free for non commercial use.

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