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OPEN Domesday. Free and Online with map
Brilliant and a fabulous resource ! Found myself wandering 11th century England!

OPEN Domesday. Free and Online with map

This is the first free online copy of Domesday Book. The site was built as a non-profit project by Anna Powell-Smith, using data created by Professor John Palmer and a team at the University of Hull.
We are now working to make a copyright-free, full-text Latin and English version of Domesday Book available as open data. Follow us on Twitter at @opendomesday.
Where did the original data come from?

The Domesday Book statistics underlying this site were originally collected during the 1990s to create the Domesday Explorer CD-ROM. The data was created by a team led by Professor John Palmer at the University of Hull, funded by the AHRC, and assisted by a Domesday Book translation provided by the publishers Phillimore & Co.
Anna found the data online, and used it to make this site.
Can I get a copy of the data?

Yes! The raw Domesday data has been put online by Hull University, under a CC-BY-SA licence.

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