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Opening up the market - keeping the safety net
I think that the ifa should amalgamate all the grades into mifa, possibly just have a junior associate. I think that you should be able to abide by the codes once becoming a student as abiding by codes is what ifa is all about. It seems to me that having shown that you have abided by the codes and then becoming a mifa to then probably working in a position where the responsibility of the codes like standards of excavation being irrelevant to your position is daft.
Reason: your past is my past
The key taxation position is recording on site.
Reason: your past is my past
Quote:I think that the ifa should amalgamate all the grades into mifa, possibly just have a junior associate.

As it happens - I agree...

The issue comes in ensuring a fair pay scenario. People like to know where they stand... the problem is where to stand?

It is all very well saying I will pay / be paid what I decide... but that creates another downward spiral. We are not special in archaeology - this is a recurring theme... THe question is how to prevent it? And who will enforce it?

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