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Carpal Tunnel
Wax Wrote:Mr Realities latest

Sums it all up neatleyBig Grin

Try again not too good at these link thingies
If only you were as good with links as you are with plastacine . . .
Glad to see our host has posted up the correct links to mr Hitler. Yup if only my skills with plasticine were transferable I missed the boat with the animation side of things.
My wife was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, had the op, Bingo! 100% recovery and happy with it...go for it, you know you want to Smile
i've got a good set too tennis elbow, knackered knees, and pos carpal tunnel. the answer...? know when you're beaten and work from home.....
You'd need a very long trowel . . .
....or be very careful where you buy a
tee hee... have you heard of the newly discovered syndrome mainly diagnosed for archaeologists? it's called LimpAnGroan Syndrome. very common evidently and the only cure is prevention. there's also a behavioural version for those who get away with stuff and a serious version but i don't know much about that...
I once worked with a gentleman who suffered from hideintheportaloo disorder. On the plus side - you always knew where to find him, on the negative - it proved fatal to his career.

My Mother always said that if a man broke his leg at the age of fifty it would extend his life by five years (forcing him to slow down at this critical stage in life.) But in the words of Lou Reed: 'You can't always trust your mother,' and I'm not willing to find out if she if she was right.
Skoda's used to do that!

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