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Carpal Tunnel
Ok... hands up (slowly) anyone who suffers from this.

been having a nasty attack the last ten days. and am minded to get the op. Anyone else in teh same boat? ANyone had the op or the steroid injection. Are we (as old lags) just broken on the wheel of digging.?

We can extend this to other ailments. don't even get me started on my knees or lumbar back pain!
Ooh, thanks, didn't know I suffered from that, had to look it up on Wiki! Not as bad as yours by the sounds of it though, just occasional bursts if I've been doing a lot of trowelling. Gave up on the knees years ago, my current fun is 2 tennis elbows Sad
eeeeeeh, not had tennis elbow yet. Part of my trouble comes from trowelling and then a lot of digital work. Thing is... you can get it sorted. I hope! I woke up with sharp pains shooing up my arm and across my hand. Happens more often now. Sad
I was diagnosed with the carpal tunnel syndrome thing when I started digging (30+ years ago). I was given two options - steroids or give up the trowelling. As neither suited me at the time I went for a 3rd option and trained myself to trowel with the other hand (right in my case).....I still got occasional pain, but at least I was able to relieve the pressure on one wrist. Here in Norway I have seen a 4th option which is that doctors regularly prescribe a wrist support thingy which I am assured (by users) also works. I have never been or seen offered the option of an operation...Personally I don't hold much with such modern advances and would prefer to find a alternative therapy. Have you tried acupuncture?

PS Between the 3 of us who have replied so far we probably have nearly a century of digging experience. Maybe we should start an old lags medicine page.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Urgh I think I am starting to get this >_<

Ever since my latest dig started I wake up several times during the night and each time have totally lost the feeling in my hands, it is horrible! >_< I would hate to have to get an operation for it. I'm 24!

Also have the ol clicky knees...
I have lost the feeling in one of my toes which I believe is down to the wearing of site boots.
Kevin could be right... we could share medical aids. and top tips...
I am looking for a good support for my wrist.. but it is so restricive.
toes.. ouch... knees... ( don't worry, it gets worse!)
Maybe we could draw a limit at the old Sammy Smiles....

but here are some alternative treatments for CTS
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
I've never been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome although I can identify with having many of the symptoms at various times.
Last time I was having major problems with my hands/wrists (about two years ago) I went to see my GP who sent me to the physiotherapist who over 3-4 sessions (weeks) manipulated the carpal bones in my hand/wrist as they were not moving as much as they should. From the physio doing the manipulation and me continuing to do it - most of my hand /wrist problems seem to have gone away (I'm wondering for how long?).
I have been hesitant to see my GP about it as it's one of those surgeries who usually laugh off any medical problems you have. But if they can provide physiotherapy for hand/wrist problems (rather than surgery or popping pills), that sounds wonderful!

Did it hurt?

Im glad you posted! Smile

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