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Need a break? Knossos Study Course
Dates: 22nd to 28th April 2012, at Knossos, where the Villa Ariadne Taverna, the long-time residence of archaeologists, is at your disposal. Recently refurbished, it offers a plain but hospitable ambience.

[INDENT] Fee: ?435.00 per person for shared accommodation (2 people to a room),

The Making of the Cretan Countryside. Ecological-historical in nature, it aims to demonstrate on the ground first the varying natural habitats that have emerged on Crete over the millennia, and then how they were exploited and thus altered by human activity ? from Minoan to modern times. Field-trips and walking in field and on mountainside are combined with evening talks to provide one with the insights and knowledge by which to ?read? the landscape. An opportunity to visit the Palace is included, with the Knossos Curator in residence (as the Institute?s head is traditionally termed).

Read all about it here:


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