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Diversity in the Profession - please help with a new study into this!
*** Calling all UK archaeologists and archaeology students! ***

I am undertaking an initial study into the diversity and make up of the archaeological profession and student body in the UK today. If you have apprx 3 minutes to spare please follow this link to undertake a VERY BRIEF survey.

The survey will only be open for a short time - until a week on Friday (Friday 9th December) - so please follow this link now!

Initial results will be presented in the "Digging Diversity" session at TAG this year, on Friday 16th December. For more details about TAG and the session follow this link Further results will be published elsewhere in the future!

Please also do pass this on to colleagues and anyone you think it might be of interest to!

Thank you in advance for your help!
All the best,
Can't seem to follow link without passwords and domain access.

Any ideas how to proceed anyone?
That should sort it...
Done - do you think that it may have been a good idea to include a question about learning difficulties - as there does seem to be a large number of dyslexic archaeologists and it may be interesting to follow this up
Thanks for correcting the link! Sorry for initial problems!

re trowelfodder's question - I agree! I know so many archaeologists with Dyslexia and so many with OCD! As a result I phrased the question on disability as:

"The Disability Discrimination Act defines disability as "A physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term effect on the person's ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities". Does this apply to you?"

Therefore, under the DDA's broad criteria, dyslexia is included. Interestingly, of the people who have responded so far the most common disability that has been listed is dyslexia - I look forward to feeding the results back formally in the future!

Mmmmm I'm dyslexic myself but I do not consider myself disabled and answered that question no as I would not describe it as a mental impairment and does not stop me carrying out normal day-to-day activities.
trowelfodder Wrote:Mmmmm I'm dyslexic myself but I do not consider myself disabled and answered that question no

You are my snusnihe, my only snushnie.....:p
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Done and posted to the Facebook group for my class at uni.
Also question 8 refers to the wrong earlier question. Don't know if you can fix it or if it is worth it?
Thank you for posting it to your class on FB! And many thanks for flagging up Qu 8 incorrect reference - unfortunately the limited survey software my Uni uses makes it impossible to change now the survey is open Sad I will resolve this in future rounds of the survey though.

Quote:Mmmmm I'm dyslexic myself but I do not consider myself disabled and answered that question no as I would not describe it as a mental impairment and does not stop me carrying out normal day-to-day activities.

re Dyslexia - thanks for raising this point trowelfodder. This is another really important lesson for future rounds of the survey/future ways of thinking through asking about these things. I shall have to think carefully about how I include this in the future - I'll seek advice from charities that deal with this kind of learning difficulty.

Many thanks to all for your help, support and feedback. I should stress that this study is only at an initial stage - further development of the study is funding dependent and so i am so grateful for all the thought provoking feedback!

Its not just you - it's something that comes up every job application because if classed as disabled you qualify for a guaranteed interview but is unclear what they mean and I could never justify using the scheme. Even on the dyslexia forums there's great debate about whether it is a disability or not - and as its got differing levels of severity..... bloody minefield! And then there's those who don't even believe it exists....

And good luck with the funding x

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