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2011 IfA Council Elections
This thread is not primarily here for those who have voted.

It is here to aid those who have not yet voted...


The last first-class postal date for ballots is 20th September.

This thread is also here for those who are not members of the IfA but want to know a bit more about the Council structure.

My Reasons
My aims are simply; to inform and educate.

I feel that the next few years will be crucial for defining UK archaeology.

I want to make sure that we are all aware what is going on within our representative body and if someone is not a member to urge them to join so they may create an industry that we can all be proud off.

I also want to make any who stand for election remember that they do represent all archaeologists and that, even though not all archaeologists are members of the IfA, the IfA makes decisions that do affect all archaeologists.
I also believe that the legislative changes coming in the near future desperately need the input of the IfA not just in a passive statment-issuing capacity but as an active lobbying organisation to the advancement of ALL archaeological professionals, the protection of UK heritage and the greatest possible participation by the greater public.


I do not openly support any candidate nor am I telling people who they should vote for. In the interests of full-disclosure I am a member of the Diggers Forum but have no other professional ties to any of the individuals standing for election. Nor am I employed by any of the individuals standing for election, or the organisations they work for, nor are any of them clients of mine.

If any information about the candidates or IfA presented here is thought to be inaccurate please contact myself or a BAJR moderator. Any spelling mistakes are my own!
A great big thank you and a sign of what people cried out for. Open discussion for all, which persuades people why they should join rather than hide behind a name and limit the actual open contact that is required for field workers.

I will be supporting candidates that give a damn and show they do. And will be watching to ensure they do. Secrecy is not going to work any more. so thanks Iain and good luck.
The IfA Council

At present IfA Council has a maximum of 25 seats (including its Executive committee). Council members (elected Directors of the Company) are expected to carry out the following duties:
  • to be Directors of the company with legal and fiduciary responsibility, including having an in-depth understanding of the financial position of the Institute
  • to be the elected representatives of the membership, having a duty to ensure that they are aware of the issues facing the profession and to be sufficiently informed of the wishes of the members
  • to be ambassadors for the IfA explaining IfA policy to members and non-members, and to recruit new members to the Institute
  • to be responsible for health and safety
[/INDENT]Approximately one third are elected on an annual basis to serve for thee years, and members are drawn from any category of corporate membership. Members of Council may put themselves forward for a second term should they wish. Council meets four times a year.

Much of the work of the Institute is undertaken on a voluntary basis and depends on goodwill and support of members. Council and its staff are advised by a number of standing committees and working parties. In addition there are area and special interest groups which report to Council. Committees and groups may be contacted via IfA office.[INDENT](From: Institute for Archaeologists, 2011, Yearbook and Directory 2011, 11 edition, Cathedral Communications Limited, Tisbury, Wiltshire, p.11.)
[/INDENT]At present 19 seats are occupied with six vacant.
Three seats have come to the end of their three-year term and are up for re-election.

So, in total nine seats are up for election.

There are 15 candidates.

Information is listed below.

Election Statements and Brief Biographies can be found through the AGM page and in the Notice of an AGM

I can supply information for contacting each candidate should people wish. To do this just email me. Their contact information is though freely available via the Ifa in the Members Directory.
Please contact a BAJR moderator or myself if you feel any information is incorrect.
IfA Links

BAJR threads of note

IfA Statement on PPS5 NPPF
IfA-AAIS merger

Facebook pages
Diggers Forum
IfA Council currently consists of the following members:
  • Gerry Wait - Hon Chair
  • Dan Atkinson
  • Jo Bacon - Hon Secretary
  • Peter Barker
  • Paul Belford
  • Mark Collard
  • Virginia Dellino-Musgrave
  • David Divers
  • Stuart Eve
  • Victoria Hunns
  • Mark Newman
  • Martin Newman - Hon Treasurer
  • Daniel Rhodes
  • Nick Shepherd
  • Andy Towle
  • Sadie Watson
  • Roger White
  • John Sode-Woodhead
  • Beverley Ballin-Smith - Vice Chair Outreach

for election

[FONT=&quot]ALLEN, Steve [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]BACON, Jo[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]BUSS, Brigitte[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]COLLARD, Mark[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]HALL, Mark[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]HARWARD, Chiz[/FONT] (Diggers Forum)

[FONT=&quot]MORLEY, Geoff[/FONT] (Diggers Forum)

[FONT=&quot]LOCHRIE, Julie[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]LEWIS, Michael[/FONT]


[FONT=&quot]READ, Rob[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]SMITH, Jonathan[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]WATSON, Sadie[/FONT] (Diggers Forum)

[FONT=&quot]WILLS, Jan[/FONT]
Hi, I am actually on Council at the moment -until the AGM- I'm just not on the list for some obscure reason.

BTW, for those interested in the 'democratic values' of the IfA have a read of this:

thanks chiz,,, thought that was weird... what have you done/
chiz Wrote:Hi, I am actually on Council at the moment -until the AGM- I'm just not on the list for some obscure reason.

BTW, for those interested in the 'democratic values' of the IfA have a read of this:


Time to vote.

tic toc!

[FONT=&quot]HARWARD, Chiz[/FONT] (Diggers Forum)

[FONT=&quot]MORLEY, Geoff[/FONT] (Diggers Forum)

[FONT=&quot]SMITH, Jonathan[/FONT] (general all round good bloke)

[FONT=&quot]WATSON, Sadie[/FONT] (Diggers Forum)

Andy Towle ex-Diggers Forum? ( )

Everyone else - which I am not saying is bad is management at groups like Oxford, Mola Cotswold etc...

Choose people who are good... decide what is best...

Then ensure these people live up to your expectations.
BAJR Wrote:Everyone else - which I am not saying is bad is management at groups like Oxford, Mola Cotswold etc...

Bit rash putting that in? - fuel for the conspiracy theorists....Big Grin

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