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Draft National Planning Policy Framework
Errr............what was this thread about again?

Oh yeah, the draft NPPF.

Read it.
Happy archaeology and the environment appear in it.
Was worried they wouldn't.

Seems similar to previous policies.......but puts more pressure on Local councils.

Still relies on individuals at county to advise, recommend and enforce.

Doesn't change much for better or worse.

In summary.

Could have been worse.
I've no idea whether Vulpes is a member of ALGAO, or indeed whether there are any ALGAO members who post on the forum, but even if there are and they want to reply, that would still be the opinion of an individual rather than ALGAO as a corporate body. I've always thought that if you want to find out what a person or organisation is doing, the simplest way is to ask them directly, rather than posting on an unconnected forum in the hope that someone with the relevant information happens to see it, but I suppose that's just me being boringly sensible!

I didn't say that GnomeKing's post wasn't interesting, I just said that there was likely to be a more straightforward wayto find out what ALGAO's opinion is, and that expecting a sensible debate on an online message board may be overly optimistic (I'll also put my hand up to having a dig at the 'great post! love your passion!' response, simply because it seems to demonstrate exactly the same sort of negative attitude to the posts of other people that Gnomeking him- or herself objects to).
You know Marcus. He once got lost in his own museum
algao will take an age to respond in their usual damp squib manner
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
given that the consultation deadline is the 14th October, I expect that ALGAO and other respondants will make good use of the available time to collate and produce a robust and well thought out response. Speed is overrated in this instance - as we have seen (IfA anyone?!).

I'm not a 'member' of ALGAO because they don't have individual members (but thanks MB for a sensible comment anyway). ALGAO is a bit like the Local Government Association (or RAO / RO) in that the organisation is a member. On BAJR I speak for neither ALGAO, IfA, or my employer, but for myself.

ALGAO have, though, through the active involvement of their membership provided responses which have played a key role in shaping current policy, this is just a plain fact as anyone who followed PPS5 from draft to publication would understand. I find PP's comments and sniping as such quite inexplicable. What would you have done differently ?

The key question in relation to the NPPF is: what are we losing? As it is essentially an over-distillation of PPS5 etc
blimey vulpes you are like an even more boring mb today. we know you are not representing anything not expressed by your avatar
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
uncalled for PP - lets all have another read of the document and comment from there shall we?
actually i think it is quite a good document apart from being a bit wooly around what is 'designated'
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
P Prentice Wrote:blimey vulpes you are like an even more boring mb today.

I resent that remark, I'm such a massive bore they used me when they were drilling the Channel Tunnel! But thanks for demonstrating my point about the impossibiility of debating anything like adults on an internet message board.
You know Marcus. He once got lost in his own museum
My understanding is that the NPF will be underpinned by other guidance documents. In the case of historic environment, the main guidance will take the form of a revamped version of the PPS5 Practice Guide - the revamping is already underway and involves a number of organisations. Where this differs from the current set-up is that the Government do not want to take 'ownership' of the practice guides - they would prefer these to be produced by non-governmental bodies (all part of the Big Society move).


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