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Trainee - Anyone with less than 6months experience
Thought I might interject here...

Trowelfodder asks "Is it just me or are there an increasingly large number of units now using the trainee grade?"

I have checked back on BAJR ads posted since April 2005 (collated on the Outwage database). In that time I have recorded 12 UK and one Irish company offering posts at a 'trainee' grade. (I will ignore the Irish instance because, I am not too sure of the difference between a 'trainee' and a 'General Operative')

Of the 12 UK examples, 9 are IFA RAOS, 3 are not. Interestingly the 'trainee wage' offered by 3 of the RAOs exceeds the BAJR/IFA minimum for 'experienced' archaeological staff, as does the wage offered by 2 of the 3 non-RAOs.

During the review period a number of companies have offered 'ínternships', in the main sponsored by English Heritage and the IFA. The wage offered for the advertised 'ínternships' has always been at or above the IFA/BAJR minima for 'experienced' staff.

Despite the inference made on this thread, one well known archaeological contractor (well known for their interest in 'linear infrastructure projects') has not advertised for 'trainees' during this period (at least not on BAJR).

I am not sure that 'trainee' posts are a big problem at the moment, but recognise Trowelfodders çoncern and promise that Outwage will keep an eye on the situation, as I am sure our Host will as well.

What happens in the 'unregulated' archaeological job market is another problem. Outwage has heard tales of universities being one of the biggest culprits here, in particular offering students/former students/post graduates some pretty dodgy employment deals on an open-ended, 'It will be good for your future career' basis.

My advice: 'When buying a career, always use a respected career dealer'.


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