Poll: Practical archaeological fieldwork experience
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1-2 weeks
6 5.41%
2-4 weeks
34 30.63%
4-6 weeks
18 16.22%
6-8 weeks
19 17.12%
My goodness - more than 8 weeks?
29 26.13%
Total 111 vote(s) 100%
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Practical archaeological fieldwork experience
For everyone who did a straight degree in archaeology or is currently doing one, how much time did you or do you have to undertake on archaeological excavations minimum as part of the course (mandatory)?
4 weeks was the minimum but done 7 months in total, and suffered as i did not work in the summer as it was all volentee work, but was worth it.

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I had a similar experience to Orky. I seem to remember the minimum being 4 weeks a year (with a month being required before enrolling), though I managed to do most of the summer breaks/christmas/etc with various units (partially paid): which was nice.

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Thanks for the input ladies and gents...I'd be keen to find out which University required more than 8 weeks fieldwork mandatory and see if they've got any recent graduates after a trainee position!

As for mine - back in the early-mid 90s, 6 weeks were the norm (3 weeks each season) although you could 'opt out' of the second season if (and this is what I understood the reasons to be at the time) you needed to work during the summer holidays to survive and therefore could not take 3 weeks off to go digging, or if you were not really intending to pursue a career in archaeology or practical archaeology. A seperate assignment (desk-based) was available to do in its place.

Keep voting....It would be good to see if the mandatory requirement has changed over time in another poll or assessment in the future (I suspect due to funding issues it is less - but I am happy to be proved wrong).

We had to have 12 weeks experience as single honours to graduate, though to be honest I learned very little except how to wield a trowel. Did not learn about recording systems, in field survey etc until I started to work commercially. But I did enjoy it and got to work on some very interesting sites.

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Six weeks was the minimum at my Uni in the early '80s, although I already had about 3 months before I started, and I did more than double the requirement when I was a student. Didn't get taught much about recording etc. until I started on MSC and EH 'rescue' digs in the mid-late 80s.


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Ours was six weeks minimum but I did 7 months as I thought I wouldn't get a job after graduation without it. I know that Edinburgh University is a lot more. I can't remember how many weeks exactly...

We only have to do 3 weeks, but you can do the placement year. Unfortunately for most students the placement year involves working for a tutor in the department and doing their photocopying for lectures, or working for free and not being able to afford to live for the next year... Well worth it in the long run though Wink

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5 weeks over the summer of the 1st year is mandatory, though only 2 weeks of this is organized by the university. The other 3 weeks need not neccessarily be digging and can be alternatives such as museum or archival work.
This is all that is required over the full 3 years of the course
I seem to remember having to do 12 weeks as part of my course at Glasgow, although that was a very long time ago. I see from the Glasgow website that current single honours students are expected to do 11 weeks for their degree, with joint honours students having to do 7.


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