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Christmas greetings....

Hi all,

I wanted to wish everyone who takes part in BAJRism all the best for the holiday and hope that 2011 turns out to be better than most of us anticipate!! I hope Santa brings you everthing you wished for (even those of you that have been a little bit naughty in 2010!!). I'll be trying my best to have at least one drink on behalf of each of you over the next few days!! Special thanks to David and Maggie for giving us somewhere to hang out together....

Biggest hugs


PS Please nobody be offended at the 'Christmas' part of the greeting. Insert your own appropriate festival as you so desire... :face-approve:
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Cheers Kevin,

Have a great festive/party/christmas/not working/drinking type thing yourself. I'll second your thanks to David and Maggie. Have fun, and hopefully I'll see you in 2011. Maybe even on a...job? Fingers crossed.
And many happy festive cheers to you all as well. That is very kind of you to think of Maggie and me. But of course without you and all the other BAJRites... what would this place be but an empty room.

All the best everyone :face-kiss:
Still got report to get out Sad

But big pile of booze, choccies and DVDs lined up for after SmileSmile

All the best to all for the festive season of whatever denomination :face-approve:
Know what you mean... I really must complete the Tullibardine garden.. Temple Castle and Old Pentland Church ... god I hate writing! Gimmae illustrations any day!
But like you... a pint of rum, and a double screen may help!
Happy hic-mas!
And to you :face-kiss:
Have a lovely Christmas everyone.
Happy christmas to you all,
Archaeology is the peeping Tom of the sciences It is the sandbox of men who care not where they are going; they merely want to know where everyone else has been.

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