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And Now... the end is near!
Have to say I'm really quite depressed with the archaeology jobs front... and a bit down generally. Been on the dole for 3 and a half months now with nothing on the horizon. No jobs on BAJR, no jobs anywhere else... except things I'm not cut out for (and outside my experience). Trying to convince non-archaeological employers that I would like to move away from archaeology is nigh on impossible (as it's all I've ever known), so stuck in a rut. I'd move abroad, but there seems little there either. But the thing is... I keep hoping that something will turn up... that or take on a temporary McJob just to afford Christmas. Perhaps there should be a "jobless archaeologist club" somewhere... a place where disaffected and disillusioned unemployed arch's can whinge together.
Maybe Uo1 could end up employing us all!!!!!:0
know how you feel 'angel
Two jobs have just gone up! Gasp! Headland! - Scotland

pretty specialist... but hey... proper archaeology jobs!

Actually... to help support us... get your companies along to Past Horizons toolstore.. OR buy a little pressy for yourself or others.

Anyway... we will get through this
Two jobs posted! I almost fainted from excitement...almost. On another note, there is never a good time to schedule a holiday, while away this past 10 days a job came in and where was I? ON HOLIDAY!
Thanks to everyone for their support both here and privately - ( your kind words vulpes were a great help :face-kiss: )
Winter is upon us, so we will regroup!
Curiously, having had a rather quiet summer and autumn, we're suddenly inundated in fieldwork, builders and utilities companies in northern England seem to have spotted that they can get more down-time in the pub doing stuff at this time of year.... Just slightly annoying for the frost-bitten trowel-fodder (it hasn't got above -1C here all day, and a foot of snow, and I've just split a lip due to the arctic wind walking to the supermarket). Have a full crew using the phone-round technique, so no help for the current BAJR crisis, but indication of the tentative beginnings of a post-spending-review up-turn? [although couldn't they have saved it for the spring, had a winter's worth of nice warm px to do - think I'm getting too old....]
there will be no up turn under this current system - look at Ireland....

the only up turn will be for the same people who have raped the economy for years in the first place.

I would subscribe to bajr - as a watchdog and independent grass roots voice....though Rescue can have that covered....

The forum is a powerful thing - people need to organise and save not just archaeology but much of enlightened civil society from Tory and NeoCapitalist attack!
Quote:Perhaps there should be .....a place where disaffected and disillusioned unemployed arch's can whinge together.

There is, right here :face-kiss:

BAJR you'd get more sympathy from me if the job ads were your sole business. Clearly not the case.
GnomeKing Wrote:NeoCapitalist attack!


Look at them putting those those tiny kittems in a sack

And drowning them in the river!

Do hey not see their plaintive button eyes?

And hear their pathetic mewling cries?

The horror.......

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