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Full Version: And Now... the end is near!
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Well, it is about to happen... a sad day for us all, and an indicator of where we are.

Over the weekend, BAJR will reach a landmark... no adverts - for the first time in over a decade.

Of course, BAJR and all the things it does, depended on adverts to fund the whole site... no adverts = no money = ?future?

Is this it? Will you miss me :face-crying:

What's changed? The IfA jobsheet is fairly busy, although a lot of those are academic positions or vaguely heritage-related.
I would happily contribute to a BAJR relief fund if it helps tide things over. Over the past decade BAJR has marched side by side with changes in technology and has definitely changed archaeology in Britain for the better. Heck, I might be back on the dole, but imagine my surprise on my last job, where just as I was drawing breath to negotiate a salary, I was offered a figure explicitly referring to the BAJR pay scale which I was very happy with. You have actually managed to telescope the profession in the way we've been wanting for years, at least for some units. And all the BAJR guides and resources have been invaluable, especially for a life in a ruck sack. Not to mention this forum, one of the few places I dare speak my mind. A lot of us feel the same as me too.

Would anybody else be willing to support a BAJR relief fund if hosty makes it happen?
Thanks for that... but no... I will make it on my own.. like we all must.

THE JIS has no archaeology jobs in it either per ce.. academic posts yes... but also with an English Heritage freeze, cuts to outreach budgets, oversupply in the commercial world, council cutbacks, there just aren't the jobs for us...

A quick look at the latest JIS shows you can be a Retail Sales Advisor, Head of Events & Hospitality, Science Museum Procurement Manager, Head Ranger, Visitor Reception Supervisor, Castle Manager, Research Student etc... Not exactly archaeology jobs Sad

Ah well... gives me more time to concentrate on Past Horizons.. Smile and hopefully spend next year working more in Public Archaeology and Training. BAJR won't die, but I fear hibernation is coming.
Yes, but the latest JIS does feature 5 funded built and natural heritage traineeships and 3 funded internships with Sheffield Museums for archaeology graduates. Time to retrain perhaps?

The salt production archaeology research job at Bournemouth Uni (albeit 3 days a week) clearly requires someone with field survey skills too. JIS is always worth a look, as is BAJR of course.
Quote:Would anybody else be willing to support a BAJR relief fund if hosty makes it happen?

I'm sure Unitof1 would. He's quite keen on the charitable sector. :face-approve:
No no no...:0


PM on it's way!!
Thats better! BAJR never dies...

YOu see it could be worse! and I will be meeting Rat SCabies next year... we nearly met this year... long story! asked for it really, didn't you??


Get the spray-on red leggings and sparkly top and you'll be fine!}Smile
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