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Short Contracts
My contract finished yesterday. It had lasted for three days. Can anyone beat that? Archaeology is such a joke sometimes.

Just give me a cold Becks
Belhaven is your friend
I can beat it twice.

I had a 1-day contract in Carlisle in 1989, and a 2-day contract somewhere around 1991, in Scotland.

On the other hand, my present contract was for 12 weeks, and started in 1996. I just haven't quite found the way out yet...


to let, fully furnished
Not a contract but a great job where I was laid off for four days before they told me - said they def had work so no need to sign on but then forgot to tell me the job fell through! Particularly enjoyed that one!
Well a short contract is better than no contract I guess. Perhaps in light of being dole scum I should be asking "Which is better when you are sitting on a park bench with all the other unemployed diggers - Buckie or Spesh"?

Just give me a cold Becks
Spesh any day!
Once had a 4 week contract that turned into a 5 year permanent job. Hated every minute of it.
You poor sod. Did they make you dig holes in the mud?
At the moment Spesh is a bit expensive for me so it's PULSE cider today

Just give me a cold Becks
Mud good. Managers bad. Spesh better than Pulse. I must be a better class of jakey.

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