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Time Team is back

long time reader first time poster.

having been involved with Time Team for some time now i can safely say that the WSI's they produce are often far more detailed than those of most units. they have a dedicated team of researchers who are archaeolgists and not just TV people. The WSIs contain integrated DBAs so that all the info is there for the County Arch, EH, CaDw or Historic Scotland to look at.

Time Team have to jump through more hoops than most units and show they will do things right because of thestigma of tv.

oh and the reason you don't see people recording much is coz it is pretty dull watching a context sheet being filled out or section drawn. Just coz you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. i know there were problems in the past but they are sorted now.


Glad to hear things have improved :face-approve:
Dirty Boy Wrote:Time Team Drinking Game:

It's pretty similar to what I remember, although seeing anyone recording = down a bottle of whisky }Smile

They missed out the one I like most, which is when someone says 'this is the only find of its type in Britain!'. Probably only worth two drinks as it's a common feature of the show.


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