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Full Version: Time Team is back
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Although broadcast much later than usual, giving concerns about the future of the series, the Radio Times confirmed that the 2010 series will begin transmission on Sunday 18th April at 17:30 on Channel 4.

More on it here:

Quote:..In the first episode of the new series Tony Robinson, Professor Mick Aston and the team investigate one of Britain?s greatest historic landmarks - Westminster Abbey. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of Parliament Square, the archaeologists have three days to pin down the location of a lost sacristy, a stronghold which was built by Henry III almost 800 years ago and is said to have housed the biggest collection of treasure this side of the Alps....
I consider those two words offensive :p
Bah Humbug... bet everyone is watching though
Why only three days? Why? WHY!???!!!! Grrrr
Hurray!! hats of to Tony et al got bored of those repeats...three days is better than none...
Don't knock Time Team until you've dug abroad. It's structured like it is because it's entertainment, but it's also genuinely informative for all those people who stopped studying history as soon as they were able. The British public are among the best archaeologically informed publics. No, really! Just go to France and wait foe all the jibes about brushes, dinosaurs, pyramids and maybe even pyramid-building dinosaurs. With the push to get development going as fast as possible in order to jump start the economy we need Time Team more than ever.
well said 'monkey...
Went to see them film at Piercebridge Roman bridge and fort, they seemed a decent bunch of people!
Its true... and quite British of us... Smile Don't forget to kick em on the way up, then kick them on the way down, before offering a hand to help them up again B)

I like the American Time team as we ll... they had that fresh raw excitement as well... (though I wanted to slap the presenter / illustrator.. Victor was never like that!)

Love it... loathe it... we will be watching it.
It'll be the best series ever - I'm in it this year! Wink
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