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Time Team is back
trowelmonkey Wrote:No, really! Just go to France and wait foe all the jibes about brushes, dinosaurs, pyramids and maybe even pyramid-building dinosaurs.

What have I done to offend the French?
Dinosaur Wrote:What have I done to offend the French?

You're English. That's usually enough Big Grin
I am in it to
Archaeology is the peeping Tom of the sciences It is the sandbox of men who care not where they are going; they merely want to know where everyone else has been.
Dirty Boy Wrote:You're English. That's usually enough Big Grin

Got all my fingers too :face-approve: (and thumbs)
TT still doing the outrageous catering? Does all strenuous digging still have to be done before the first (of many) dose of food?
Without a doubt, time team has publisised archaeology, but how much archaeology has it damaged in its hunger for flash tv- worthy shots.

I've heard the food is good though.
As my memory serves the food is quite excellent.

But seriously the standard of investigation on TT is usually (but not always) as good as most trial-trench evaluations by commercial units, the only difference is the number of people they dedicate at one time... 1 person: 1 feature, at least three for ditches and layers; thus making it appear more frenetic.

Where I would like to pay TT a huge compliment is by having their post-ex reports by Wessex Archaeology made digitally available, showing that their recording is comprehensive and allowing some interpretation of where their investigations fit into the bigger picture, not just the fanciful reconstructions you see on the telly.

I have been a critic of TT in the past, but I think archaeology on television is all the poorer without it.
I agree with Gone to Pot....I think that sometimes it is forgotten that most of the 'background' work on TT is done by archaeologists the like of you and I, the 'celebrities' contribute and dip in and out as the programme plot requires. No worse than most commercial units of my acquaintance....Wink
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Must just be an abberation then that I've been unable to accurately locate one of their trenches before now from the 'grey' report in the HER - s'ok, we'll find it when they machine the top off when the site's developed Smile
I saw one episode where they 'found' a brick culvert on an industial site by machining through layers of mine waste until the bucket smashed through the culvert. Not what I would class as acceptable behaviour....although it was only industrial archaeology...yawn.
Thats sounds like a cue for Paul Belford...

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