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Druids reburial appeal rebuffed
grindlecat Wrote:....druids! my arse!

Just make sure you don't say that three times whilst looking in the mirror (:I) (Hee hee, no offence intended)
grindlecat Wrote:'ken barlow' from Corrie was a druid...i meet him at Stonehenge in the '80s.....they had their own little compound, protected by the Wilshire police, from the mockery of all of us 'hippies', 'crusties' and bikers....says it all really....druids! my arse! presumably they're all Freemasons as well.....
#33 presumably they're all Freemasons as well.....

Druids?! Freemasons?!

Kurt Vonneget had it right.....
'...humans are just apes whose brains grew too big.'
Did you get the Bumper Book of Quotes for Xmas or what? (and can I borrow it?)
Dinosaur Wrote:Did you get the Bumper Book of Quotes for Xmas or what? (and can I borrow it?)

Nah, my brain is broken from playing too much 'Total War' (Rome. med II and now Empire) It's full of quotes.
Can't lend you my brain though, I'm using it.....well pretending to.

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