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Druids reburial appeal rebuffed
The druids say the remains of the child, known as Charlie, should be reinterred within Avebury's stone circle out of respect for the dead.

The Order says it had taken up the case because it feels it has a cultural link with pagan ancestors in the British Isles.
Surely a significant change of land-use anyway, would they have got SMC?
Time for another 13-page discussion. Yay!
?He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself?
Chinese Proverb
I refer the honourable BAJRite to the previous 23 pages!


whooo hoo!
I'm sorry, but its an absolute DISGRACE that this body hasn't been reburied by teh Druids.

Don't they know it'll just anger the King of the Potato People? :p
Teh King of the Potato People is whispering that its ok.....
I think that there is a case for better treatment and due respect of human remains, regardless of what period they belong to. Many archaeologists may consider groups such as the Druids as slightly weird and wacky, but I think their concerns are probably sincere!?:face-approve:
This is the thing that perhaps they don't get... is that we do take the pish a bit... but in reality we actually do care ...

What I personally find objectionable is being told by a man / women in a sheet with a pointy hat and a staff with a knob on top that they have a direct line to the ancestors... er... me too!

I can be an archaeologist, and give a damn. In my time I have dug around 300 skeletons and er.. not so skeleton. BUT I treated each one as a human, as a person... I do have feelings, but I also have an enquiring mind.

:p and I am not mad... (ish)
So does anybody think that (Neo) Pagan groups should be allowed to rebury pagan remains? In principle I have no personal objection to this happening under the right circumstances.
Nope I don`t think that Pagans should be allowed to rebury pagan remains. The first Australian people and the first American people are a completely different case in question-they can demonstrate not only linear descent but a continuous understanding/practise of ancestoral belief systems. Our "Pagans" are nothing of the sort. As I said earlier, they have prodded us and I feel that we should re-assess so in that light, something good could come from this whole episode. Perhaps thats where this should end unless we fancy another dialogue arguing the validity of whether Bostik glue factory workers have the right to re-bury plastination volunteers.Big Grin

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